Tableau, a data visualization and business intelligence (BI) tool, is one of the most popular BI tools today. It is because the world emphasizes data and data-driven decisions, which significantly impact businesses and the IT industry. Business Intelligence Tools are in high demand. Surprisingly, the need for Tableau developers has grown in a world where everything revolves around data. So there is an excellent need for Tableau developer jobs.

Small businesses, e-commerce, retail companies, manufacturing companies, and start-ups have started hiring Tableau developers and are willing to pay a fair wage to be skilled and deserving candidates. People want to learn Tableau course because it can lead to jobs, and the Tableau developer salary is lucrative in India.

What is Tableau?

A pioneer in data visualization, Tableau Software is a U.S.-based powerhouse with its headquarters in Washington state. In 2019, Salesforce bought Tableau and is now its parent company. The demand for Tableau consultants has skyrocketed as the need for data visualization, and business intelligence has become an integral part of the digital transformation process. Tableau provides the most comprehensive analytics suite on the market thanks to its extensive offerings.

Tableau has been positioned as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for the eighth year.

With over 2 million and 2.3 billion views, Tableau Public has become the world’s most extensive data visualization resource. In the realm of software development, the Tableau Community is among the most dynamic and rapidly expanding groups out there. Since it improves data governance, visibility, and controls, it has quickly become a favorite among data analysts and decision-makers. Tableau’s award-winning functionality and user experience help businesses gain an edge by making data more accessible, visible, and flexible.

The Role in the Tableau Developer Jobs

A Tableau Developer is an employee who utilizes Tableau for the company’s data visualization, analysis, and BI needs. As the job title suggests, a Tableau developer creates, updates, and oversees a business intelligence system built with Tableau. Since data analytics is becoming increasingly important to businesses, it is one of the sought-after skills. So, let’s look at Tableau developers’ crucial role in implementing data-driven policies throughout the company.

Jobs and Duties of a Tableau Developer

The primary functions of a Tableau Developer job are as follows:

  • Producing Tableau-based data visualizations
  • Extracting useful information from data by looking for trends and correlations
  • Creating Monitor Panels
  • Tableau Server Administration
  • Overseeing massive amounts of information
  • Optimizing SQL performance by bending queries
  • Identifying and fixing problems with business procedures
  • Determining the most critical operations to automate to streamline the business
  • Crafting reports and documentation to serve as a foundation for the completed work

To Become a Tableau developer, you Need the Following Skills

Ways to become a Tableau developer:

To earn the Tableau developer salary, you must have the following abilities.

  • Expertise in Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) technologies, Structured Query Language (SQL), Business Intelligence (BI), and data analytics
  • Knowledgeable with analytics and database querying tools
  • Expertise in using Tableau for creating and managing dashboards and reporting.
  • Familiarity with SQL Servers, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, as well as SQL queries and processes
  • Knowledge of data architecture, modeling, mapping, analysis, and visualization.
  • familiarity with presenting data in a business setting using a variety of graphs, charts, and dashboards
  • Technical expertise with Tableau Products and versions, such as Tableau Server, Tableau Public, Tableau Online, Tableau Desktop, etc. Proficient in Excel, PL/SQL, ETL, and the Tableau platform
  • capable of creating dashboards that are both visually appealing and engaging
  • competent in data manipulation and blending for dashboard and visualization design
  • Expertise in moving data, incorporating Tableau, and developing extensions
  • Having a certification in Tableau or another BI tool is a plus.
  • Being proficient in Power BI, SAP Analytics, and Ticketing systems is a bonus.

Is There a Bright Future for Tableau Developers?

Tableau is one of the most popular programs in the data science community. Thanks to the rising need for data-centric policies and initiatives, you can expect financial security, personal fulfillment, and professional advancement as you advance in your Tableau Developer job. As a Tableau Developer, you can make a nice living if you have the necessary skills and expertise.

Tableau Developer Salary

Indeed reports that the average annual income for a Tableau Developer in the United States is $117,000. It compares to an average yearly income of 700,000 in India for the same position. More than ten thousand Tableau Developer positions were open in India this year. Therefore, it is evident that Tableau Developers have a great deal of potential.

Nevertheless, Tableau developers’ income can vary depending on their experience, where they live, and what they do.

Some Tableau Developer Interview Questions

Here is a sample of some of the possible Tableau developer interview questions you might be asked in Tableau developer jobs:

  1.   Define Tableau and its Uses 
  2. Describe the Tableau Server and also the parts of Tableau Server.
  3. Define the critical distinction between tableau blending and tableau joining.
  4. To what extent does Tableau provide load testing?
  5. Where does Tableau fall short?
  6. Definitions of longitude and latitude in Tableau
  7. Precisely what are Tableau’s primary offerings?
  8. Describe the various Tableau files.
  9. How does Tableau compare if you’re familiar with conventional business intelligence (BI) tools?


We have discussed the various Tableau developer jobs and duties in this article. In the end, the need for Tableau Developers worldwide is expected to surge in the following years as the amount of data collected by devices worldwide increases daily. If you want to take your career to a new level, consider taking a Tableau Course from HENRY HARVIN. Before signing up for a course, ensure that it will help you reach your professional goals and the updated Tableau course syllabus.