WAPT is a tool that will prove to be incredibly helpful and efficient when you will desire to test a website, some business applications or various web portals on load. As a result, if you would like to find out the manner in which your website performs under load, it is advisable to learn more about WAPT. In the lines that are to come, the mystery of this tool will be unraveled to you and therefore you should take a few moments, have a look at the following paragraphs and you will see for yourselves that WAPT is the solution to your problems.

The number one reason why you should go for this program is due to the fact that it is very easy to use. But, to be more precise this is how things work: first of all you should choose the right product for you. Your choices are: WAPT, WAPT Pro and then you could go for Extension Modules and the x64 Load Engine.

WAPT is the regular version that you will definitely consider to be quite affordable. It is easy to configure, it works as a single application and among its features it includes: a fast test recording and design, support of RIA technologies and mobile applications, advanced error reporting, universal log viewer and the list may continue.

The WAPT Pro is a tad more expensive than the regular version and it is ideal for the professional users. Besides the features defining WAPT, this product is also equipped with such characteristics as: distributed load generation, cloud-based testing, integration with the x64 load engine and so on. If you are wondering if this is the right tool for you, then the answer is “yes”, in case you are looking for something that will allow you to perform load testing regularly at different locations or that will give you more flexibility in processing website responses.

The Modules (ASP.net testing, JSON format, Adobe Flash testing, Silverlight testing and the GWT testing) have prices that vary and these will come in handy when you will desire toenable different features such as the automatic parameterization of the view state or for instance, the binary conversion of the AMF structures.

The x64 Load Engine is a powerful load generation utility that does not come with the test design and the management functionality and that could be used only if you will purchase the WAPT program.

Among their services, something that will surely interest you is the load testing service. If you will decide to go for this, it means that you will hire the team behind loadtestingtool.com to load test your project and thus you will save time and money. They will analyze the behavior of the typical site users, they will create the test plan, they will execute the prepared tests, and so on. Before getting down to business they will inform you about their prices and they will charge you after your approval. So, everything is safe!