Increase customer engagement within your website, track your traffic, conduct in-depth analysis, and grow your revenue by using some of the most advanced tools out there. This collection contains some of the most powerful online marketing tools which can help you develop your business blog and reach more potential clients.

Google Analytics

Using this tool is an absolute must when managing a business blog. Google Analytics is the ultimate tool for making an in-depth research about the way visitors interact on your website. Powered with a series of analysis tools, GA enables traffic tracing to different sources and devices, social media channels monitoring, and heat map testing among many other features.

Website owners can also track events and create custom variables to see how content is consumed by visitors. With Google Analytics, you can easily optimize your landing pages, identify referral keywords, conduct A/B tests, and generally, create a business blog that visitors would love.


Being one of the best in its niche, CaptainForm will allow you to easily power up your business blog with carefully crafted WordPress forms and custom surveys. What makes CaptainForm an indispensable part of managing a business blog is not only the ease of use it provides but also the professional report management and advanced security that will keep your business data safe at any moment. With CaptainForm you can create surveys and web forms via an intuitive drag-and-drop builder and choose between 30+ free form templates.


Discover the most shared content in your business niche, track your competitors’ performance, and make an in-depth analysis of how content is shared across the Web with the help of this powerful tool. Buzzsumo is one of the most advanced content analysis tools out there. Its one-year archive, advanced filtering system, social backlink tracking, and content alerts option will help you develop your business blog and stay on top of your competitors. Buzzsumo can also help you research your competition, find influencers within your niche, and easily export data as CSV or Excel files for a more detailed analysis.

Find your way to potential customers and craft content loved by both people and search engines with the help of this free keyword research tool. is a trustworthy alternative to Google Planner. It will help you find search terms related to your business niche, identify long tail keywords, create targeted content and outrank your competitors. will provide you with keyword suggestions based on a Google domain and a specified language but could also be used for making a keyword research in Youtube, Bing, Amazon, and the AppStore.


Looking for a free alternative to expensive stock photography? Pixabay is the ultimate place to find high-quality imagery for your blog without worrying about the legal and financial consequences of using a potentially stolen stock photo. Pixabay has a massive library of free photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos all registered under Creative Commons CC0. This allows a complete freedom of use, modification, and distribution of the files with no attribution needed. Images found in Pixabay can be used for both personal and commercial projects which makes them ideal for business blogs.


Created by one of the gurus in the SEO industry, the QuickSprout app is a powerful tool that will help you easily makes sense of Google Analytics data by connecting to your GA account. Among its many features, this tool provides easy-to-understand personalized alerts and website growth analysis that will help you develop your business blog and learn the ins and outs of online marketing and blog management by growing your traffic.


This free tool reimagines graphic design and takes it to another level that’s easy to use, understandable and fun. Canva allows users to create their own design materials, including social media posts, documents, marketing materials, advertising banners, blog graphics, and much more. Canva’s innovative drag-and-drop builder and template-based design tool put graphic design in the hands of the end customer without requiring advanced software knowledge. What this means for business blog owners is fewer expenses for small graphic design jobs and more opportunities to visualize your content and attract the right audience.


Disqus provides some of the most advanced add-on tools for powering up discussions within your business blog, increasing website engagement, and growing your revenue. Building a community is one of the hardest tasks when managing a business blog but with Disqus’ powerful commenting system you’re one step ahead in encouraging conversations on your site. With this tool, you can easily reach influencers within your blog niche, sparking engagement on your blog via comments, and increase your revenue with native ads.


Built by the Icons8 company, Ouch offers high-resolution illustrations, vector graphics and clipart. It has thousands of visual assets, including everything from science and phone clipart to animals and food illustrations. The site regularly adds 1 new clipart’s style every month. For example, they created plant clipart in a popular Scandal style this month. All the images are available for purchase, but many of them can be used for free in a non-promotional content for attribution.