With mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets becoming popular. The latest Android phones with high resolution offer a wide variety of design related applications that allow designers fully adopting android apps as excellent portable picture editors. The number of devices working on Android is growing exponentially. It has been increasing day-by-day. A common question, can i print from my android phone, the answer is yes, depending on the printer you have you can download the ePrint Home and Biz app and be able to print from your Android device.

Android Apps are now gaining popularity like a wildfire. Take for example instagram, it has been one of the biggest hits between the users. In this article I have compiled a list of 20 best android applications for web designers and bloggers. I strongly recommend our readers to browse the Internet and Android apps library for latest updates on the apps as well as for newly developed applications and for more quality apps.

1. Color Mood Designer

Color Mood Designer is the professional way to quickly find the color combination that is right for your designing project.

Color Mood Designer

2. Woo: Sketch – Beta

Layered picture editing comes to android. An application to bridge the gap between photos on your phone and the graphics editor on your desktop.

Woo: Sketch - Beta

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Edit and share photos virtually anywhere. Access them all on Photoshop.comEdit and share photos virtually anywhere.

Adobe Photoshop Express

4. Touchqode

ouchqode is a true mobile code editor that comes with syntax highlighting, auto-complete and other features found in a desktop IDE.


5. Opera Mini Web Browser

Opera’s fastest mobile browser that can save you money on data. Totally free.Try the world’s fastest Android browser!

Opera Mini Web Browser

6. Glow Paint

Glow Paint is an application simulating glow or neon painting on the touch screen of your mobile phone.

Glow Paint

7. Scribbler – Free Drawing App

This is the Free version of Scribbler. The free version has all the same functionality as the Pro version but is supported by advertisements on some screens and tags saved and shared images with promotional text at the bottom left.

Scribbler - Free Drawing App

8. Comeks Fun Photo Blogger Free

Make fun comic panels from your photos, adjust them and share with your friends.

Comeks Fun Photo Blogger Free

9. Google Earth Blog

Google earth blog is dedicated to sharing the best news, interesting sights, technology, and happenings for Google Earth.

Google Earth Blog

10. Roller Coaster Designer

Are you a thrill seaker? Build a sensational roller coaster that will deeply impress your public. Collect all the coins and earn thrill coins by making your track more sensational!

Roller Coaster Designer

11. Design Dimensions

The go to reference tool for design professionals. An ad supported version of design dimensions pro. Includes all content.

Design Dimensions

12. Paint’R

A very cool image editing application for your Android phone! Load images from your gallery or directly take the image then you can draw all over the chosen image.


13. PicSay – Photo Editor

This is the free Lite edition, buy PicSay Pro and get a host of extra tools, special effects, styles, stickers, and much more.

PicSay - Photo Editor

14. Color Touch Effects

Color Touch Effects allows to recolor images and apply cool effects to them. You can select an image, turn it to gray and bring the color back with your fingers.

Color Touch Effects

15. Dropbox

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. After you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your Android device, and even the Dropbox website!


16. Android Web Editor Lite

Android Web Editor Lite – a unique mobile software for web developing. Best Web Editor on Android.

Android Web Editor Lite

17. WebMaster’s HTML Editor

Have a handy HTML editor in your pocket! Source code editor for webmasters and web designers.

WebMaster's HTML Editor

18. Web Snapshots

Save and Share Any Web Page as a PDF File From the standard browser app, save any web page as a PDF file that can be viewed offline, anytime.

Web Snapshots

19. Web Design Blogs List

Access the most read blogs for web designers like Smashing Magazine, Nettuts CSS-Tricks, Noupe, etc… Also get access to the best web graphic blogs like PSDtuts, Good-Tutorials, Tutorial9, etc…

Web Design Blogs List

20. Color Pal

Quickly browse and search through the most popular and newest color palettes.Easily find color palettes and schemes for any design project.

Color Pal

In the end I would like to hear your response about the application we featured here. Tell us about these application after using or if you are already using then tell us which one is better.