An auto completion or suggestion script is a valuable way that can make completing online forms easier for your visitors. Auto Completion has become one of the coolest user interaction element in websites lately and most of the famous sites from google, youtube to msn have auto completion based search boxes.

In this article I have posted very useful 15 Auto Completion Scripts to use in you projects and that will help you enhance your user experience. which you can easily incorporate into your future designs. If you are interesting in our older articles on password management tools, twitter analytics tools and useful WYSIWYG editors, then click on these links and download your favorites.

1. A Fancy Search Suggestion

Apple is known to create beautiful products (next to the needed functionality of course). We’re trying to recreate the effect from that website by creating a fancy search suggestion.

A Fancy Search Suggestion

2. AutoCompleter (v1.1)

This AutoCompleter script for MooTools provides the functionality for text suggestion and completion.

AutoCompleter (v1.1)

3. Ajax-Driven JavaScript ComboBox with Autocomplete

dhtmlxCombo can be converted from existing instances of HTML Select, or populated with JavaScript. With Ajax data loading, it can get the list of values dynamically from the server datasource.

Ajax-Driven JavaScript ComboBox with Autocomplete

4. AutoCompletion Script for World Places Using Google Geocode API

This auto completion script is very useful. It will auto suggest world places based on user input.

AutoCompletion Script for World Places Using Google Geocode API

5. Dialog: Using AutoComplete in a Dialog

This example explores issues surrounding the placement of an AutoComplete control within the context of a Dialog control.

Dialog: Using AutoComplete in a Dialog

6. AutoSuggest jQuery Plugin

AutoSuggest is a very lightweight jQuery plugin that makes auto-completing extremely easy.

AutoSuggest jQuery Plugin

7. Ajax AutoComplete for jQuery

Ajax Autocomplete for jQuery allows you to easily create autocomplete/autosuggest boxes for text input fields.

Ajax AutoComplete for jQuery

8. AutoComplete 1.2 Scriptaculous Example

In this example, developer use the same dictionary and used in the WordLadder coding challenge. Simply start typing a word and the suggest tool will give you results.

AutoComplete 1.2 Scriptaculous Example

9. Mootools Autocompleter

This is a lightweight autocompleter plugin for Mootools. It’s designed to be attached to text input fields and provide them with a flexible autocompletion mechanism.

Mootools Autocompleter

10. jQuery Tag Suggestion

If you’re familiar with you will be familiar with the tag suggesting as-you-type support.

jQuery Tag Suggestion

11. jQuery Autocomplete Mod

This is modification of Dylan Verheul’s jQuery Autcomplete plug-in.

jQuery Autocomplete Mod

12. ASP.NET AJAX AutoComplete Control Demonstration

ConvincingMail AutoComplete is an ASP.NET AJAX extender that can be attached to any TextBox control, and will associate that control.

ASP.NET AJAX AutoComplete Control Demonstration

13. Yet Another AutoComplete Script (YAACS)

The Yahoo UI autocomplete script (which is live as of this writing), but this can also be slow at times and it requires loading a number of additional YUI scripts that we don’t use anywhere else in the site.

Yet Another AutoComplete Script (YAACS)

14. Ajax Autocomplete with jQuery and PHP

In this post we’ll implement a autocomplete script, that uses jquery, ajax, PHP and MySQL for a smooth and easy to configure autocomplete solution.

Ajax Autocomplete with jQuery and PHP

15. jqac

There is a lot of auto-complete/suggest javascript libraries. In this library I used power and simplicity of jQuery and different javascript ideas and techniques.


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