PSD to HTML conversion have been the market standard in web development for quite some time now. When it comes to website development, nothing can underestimate the significant importance of conversion from PSD to HTML with semantic, cross browser compatibility and W3C validation to represent web pages successfully over the internet. The launch of HTML5 is the latest and the most advanced markup language in the world has added to the armory of the developers and serves as complete solution for your web development needs.

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PSD based designs to markup language conversion are critical and important for the website development. Your website success and popularity majorly depends upon the way you convert PSD to HTML. And if the conversion procedure did not perform properly, it can ruin the reputation of a website.

What does PSD mean?

Chrome Freebie PSD
Chrome Freebie PSD

PSD is Photoshop’s native file format, sometimes it is called PDD. PSD or PDD is a widely accepted file format. PSD supports all available image modes – Bitmap, Grayscale, Duotone, Indexed Color, RGB, CMYK, Lab, etc.

It allows you to edit the appearance to everything on the web design. PSD files are layered with Photoshop. They are graphic files, templates. It means you can edit the PSD files, however you need Adobe Photoshop to edit PSD files. Photoshop can convert PSD files to other fromat like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 Icon
HTML5 Icon

HTML5 is the latest edition of HTML. The HTML5 language has specific rules that allow placement and format of text, graphics, video and audio on a Web page.

Programmers use these programming tags or elements to produce web pages in unique and creative ways. Tags such as <section>, <article>, <header> enable the creator to make a more efficient and intelligent web page.

The following are the Advantages of converting from PSD to HTML5:

SEO Friendly Semantic Coding

PSD to HTML5 conversion  is done using semantic coding techniques. The new version has come with new semantic tags which help in making the website friendly towards the search engine crawlers. Every element of the website is defined in HTML5 which makes it easy for web spiders to crawl and index them high on the search engine.

Cross-browser Compatibility

With this type of conversion you get a website which is cross-browser compatible and thereby increase the marketability of your website. Popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari render HTML5 based website easily as the website appears uniformly across all browsers.

Absolutely Unique Design

When you convert PSD to HTML5  you get absolutely unique website which is one of the primary goals of any web developer. Unique website attracts more visitors than those using common template based design. This helps you turn your website into a branding and marketing tool for your business.

Reduces Page Load Time

Converting PSD to HTML5 helps in optimizing the website further and decreases the load time of the web pages adding to its advantage. In case of multiple HTTP requests, HTML5 channelizes the speed of linking JavaScript files and CSS files and reduces the load time considerably.

Robust Websites

HTML5 encompasses a lot of new features such as ability to draw on a 2D, insertion of audio or video files directly into a web page, geo-location tool and local storage which make your website robust in nature. You don’t need to make use of third-party applications in HTML5 as the markup provides easy solution to all your needs.

W3C Validated Websites

Websites developed using the PSD to HTML5 method adhere to the latest guidelines and protocols of the Internet. The websites are W3C validated which helps you get rid of any errors that might exist in your codes. This validation also helps in verifying the entire structure of a website.


PSD to HTML5 makes your website interactive which helps in making it popular among the users as you can engage them to your website. The technology also allows you to collect real-time data on the visitor trends and capitalize on the analyzed data.


Since the HTMl5 is the latest approved version of the markup language by Word Wide Consortium, it is best suitable with the latest advancement in web development technology ensuring smooth operation of your website. Thus, feasibility to create mobile phone supported websites, tremendous audio and video support, highly interactive website creation tools, excellent storage capacity, and improved accessibility are the advantages that have attracted people to use HTML5 rather than HTML.

Preferring HTML5 never means that the older versions are of no use. It is just that human tend to be inclined towards the things which are more flexible and convenient. So, HTML5 has will not affect the PSD to HTML conversion market upto great extent.

In Closing

HTML5 is considered to be a great progress in the web development world. Obviously it consists of a few weak points but they are being worked on to make HTML5 perfect and compatible with the modern needs. I really hope that this article will be useful to you. If you have any questions regarding this article, let me know in the comments below.