ZBrush is a digital sculpting tool that has features of 3D/2. It have many features includes 3D Brushes, Polypaint, Illustration, Transpose, and ZSpheres etc. ZBrush tutorials propose you to learn more about the artistic side of your nature, giving you a chance to recreate your imaginary images, being able to emphasise each detail, making them a part of the real world.

Here in this article, I have collected very useful and cool best Zbrush tutorials for your next projects. With the help of these following tutorials your can improve your skill. Take time to read through the tutorials and learn new techniques! Enjoy!!!

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1. Making Of Sanlik

This creature was designed for a short film that I wrote two years ago. His race is Quelonian, a reptile species that has evolved with the course of time. They live on an aquatic planet, where the cities are floating on water.

Making Of Sanlik

2. Modeling The Punisher

The Sculpt for the model come from the movie Punisher Warzone. The Model was sculpted in 2/3 days and the low poly was finished in 2, the texturing was done in 1 day..including the UV’s.

Modeling The Punisher

3. Making of Warlord by Darukin

The main idea of this personal project of mine was to create an illustration of a futuristic warlord. In this project author used mainly Zbrush for most of the modelling and all of the sculpting and posing, and author used Never-Centre Silo for much of the hard-edged modelling of several accessories.

Making of Warlord by Darukin

4. Speed Sculpt Amph Man

A ZBrush speed sculpt created by Jesse Sandifer. Jesse uses ZBrush brush, painting and posing tools to create a creature with different fish like qualities.

Speed Sculpt Amph Man

5. Making of Having A Meal: A Conversation with God

It is constructed as a puzzle – different ideas, different inspirations and experiences (some of them very personal) came into one piece. When there is more than one way of seeing things, when illustrations are more complex.

Making of Having A Meal: A Conversation with God

6. Making of Don’t Beat Me

Artist started with the default body mesh from Mudbox, and quickly modified the body into baby proportions in ZBrush and Maya.

Making of Don't Beat Me

7. Reconstruct models using ZBrush to be used in Hexagon

Ever wonder how to edit a high polygon model with lots of high detail in hexagon? This video will show you how to reconstruct your models using ZBrush to be used in Hexagon, all high Detail will be preserved.

Reconstruct models using ZBrush to be used in Hexagon

8. Modo – ZBrush displacement workflow with Displacement Exporter

Using Zbrush in this tutorial, you will be apply and create a displacement map with WIP model.

Modo - ZBrush displacement workflow with Displacement Exporter

9. Making Of Desert Gas Station

This image was inspired by B-movies and the old road gas stations. My main reference was a 3D picture by Mauro Scardinni, but I went a little further by creating a more complex environment.

Making Of Desert Gas Station

10. Making of Igor Catto’s Fat Summer Image

Inspired by the smile of a perfect stranger and embracing the idea that physical beauty and a perfect body isn’t everything in life, this Making Of comes courtesy of talented 3D artist Igor Catto.
Making of Igor Catto's Fat Summer Image

11. Making of the Prolapsed Eye

Check out the steps taken by Fausto Tejeda to make this amazing sketch by Yuri Sakovich come to life.

Making of the Prolapsed Eye

12. Building a Character with Polyspheres

This image was created in the latest version of ZBrush and uses the all new Polymesh feature. As with most of the newer features in ZBrush Pixologic provide you with an extensive set of ZScripts to help you understand the basics.

Building a Character with Polyspheres

13. Making of Master of the Bottle

Watch Khalid Abdulla Al-Muharraqi create his concept of ‘Master of the Bottle’ from start to finish.

Making of Master of the Bottle

14. Making the Re-Angel

Just want to share with the community this great tutorial on how to get amazing renders using Pixologic’s ZBrush and Adobe’s Photoshop.

Making the Re-Angel

15. Making of DinoMonster

When you think about making something like this in 3d apps like Maya or Max few years ago, it would take three times longer period to get it done, and still wouldn’t look as nice as it looks today.

Making of DinoMonster

16. Making of Assassin by cozmo

The modeling process began with the face. In this tutorial you will learn the process of creating a 3D character Assassin.

Making of Assassin by cozmo

17. Making of Iron Asylum

This work is based on Jerry Beck concept. His character was comic style and Lukasz wanted to make it more realistic.

Making of Iron Asylum

18. Bricks and Blocks

Brick walls of different types are very common in games and they can be created in a billion different ways. In this tutorial firstly we will create a simple standard red brick wall without any sculpting program and later sculpt the blocks…

Bricks and Blocks

19. Modeling of the Dinosaur

When working inside ZBrush, everytime I start modeling something from Z-sphere. It is one of ZBrush’s cool features that enables fast and intuitive modeling of low poly objects.

Modeling of the Dinosaur

20. ZBrush Specular Map Painting Tutorial

In this tutorial learn how to construct a visualising specular values on a Zbrush mesh.

ZBrush Specular Map Painting Tutorial

21. Making Of Zombie In The Closet

The idea for this work came to me after watching some zombie movies and playing the brilliant Plants vs. Zombies game – why are zombies always composed of parts taken from the same species.

Making Of Zombie In The Closet

22. Making Of All Roads Lead to Rome

Putting a spin on the famous saying, All roads lead to Rome’, Livio Rajh came up with this great comedic image.

Making Of All Roads Lead to Rome

23. Modeling a Beast

This beast modeled in Zbrush and I will show you how I model a basic face shape in Zbrush. These video tutorial divided in two parts for easy viewing and dont have any audio. Hope you guys enjoy watching these tutorials.

Modeling a Beast

24. Making Of Old Man

In this tutorial we will explain how we have created the artwork “Old man – Portrait”. At the beginning – modelling and unwrapping was done in Blender, detailing and rendering in Zbrush and some post production with Photoshop.

Making Of Old Man

25. Making of Sculpture

Being a 3D enthusiast for many years, I’m always watching closely the CG communities and forums for inspiration and information. Learn to make a sculpture taking the inspiration from a reference picture.

Making of Sculpture

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