To understand how to use a proxy server, at first you need to understand the concept itself. This name is used for programs that work as intermediaries between a person and the necessary information. Communication goes through special servers, and each has its own IP.

What proxy to choose?

Soax offers a wide range of proxies. It is soax proxies that allow you to ensure anonymity on the network and helps improve access to blocked sites. Using the Internet network in normal mode, your computer directly connects to the site server. It allows you to determine the IP address, that is, the location, as a result of which anonymity is lost. In addition, the provider may block access to the server.

But there is an intermediary between the server itself and the computer, it allows you to exchange data without a direct connection. The intermediary is a proxy. It provides very anonymity.

It is very important to choose a quality proxy, because the reliability, speed and stability of the connection depends on it.

Also, this software performs such tasks as: improving computer security and additional protection against virus software, using additional accounts in social networks, instant messengers or online games from one computer and reducing ping and increasing speed in cases where tracing without a proxy passes through problem nodes.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a proxy server? There are paid and free proxies. But using free ones is not safe, you can get to a malicious site, which will lead to a device malfunction.

The paid servers are more secure and reliable. You only need to select the desired proxy server. There are several criteria of selection :

  • level of anonymity;
  • efficiency;
  • response time.

It is equally important to take into account the capabilities of your computer in order to avoid overloading the system.

Payment is usually set per GB and depends on the number of addresses that the client wants to use. Proxy connection is quite easy to create. There are many applications that help with this. Some of them are already built into your device. Connecting through a proxy differs from a regular connection only in that it uses a local network.

Variety of proxies

There are several types of proxies:

  • anonymous – its location is not determined;
  • transparent proxy – there is no anonymity at all, usually such proxies are used for several computers, and all of them have one IP;
  • reversible – it is used not for anonymity, but to protect the computer from access by strangers.

A proxy server is an IP hiding. If the user wants a high-quality and legal product, then it is necessary to buy a proven proxy.