Sneaker proxies can be defined as virgin proxies that allow you to access restricted sneaker apparel websites. It may be a bit difficult to understand, but there are sites that sell sneakers, and not everyone can reach them normally.

Well-known brands offer limited edition sneakers that you cannot find in regular shops. And even if you are lucky, there will already be a crowd of people standing in line. Ordering from the internet regularly also does not work.

There are bots that automatically buy the best deals, and the people behind these bots sell sneakers later for profits. Proxies are the best way to fight against the issue. You can choose the best proxies for buying sneakers by reading more on this blog on the ProxyWay website. But before you commit to spending money on proxies, it would be better to get a better understanding of what they are.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Proxies

Since you are setting up a rather complicated operation, it is imperative to pick the best available proxies. You are going to go up against a fierce competition that has a head start.

Think of this investment as an insurance policy. While there are no absolute guarantees of success, the better your proxies are, the higher the odds of coming out on top. Not to mention that an unreliable service provider can stop functioning at random times, including when you need to use it and purchase the sneakers.

This is going to be a business investment and one that can be the difference-maker between you acquiring sneakers and ending up empty-handed.

Regular Proxies versus Sneaker Proxies

Since the niche of sneaker proxies is relatively narrow, a number of people are asking whether they can replace sneaker proxies with regular proxies. There are two reasons why you need to pick sneaker proxies.

Dedicated proxies (like ones for Instagram or Facebook) are meant to be used for a single platform. This means that the proxy has to be clean and not used before. So a fresh sneaker proxy that has not appeared on another website will provide you with a clean IP address and not cause random disconnects at the crucial moment.

The second reason is banning. Exclusive sneaker stores are smart, and when they notice suspicious activity, they do not limit themselves to banning just an account. The IP address is added to the list of bans. And when you have people who can abuse the IP address and get you banned, regular proxies do not seem to be good in this situation.

How Many Proxies Do You Need?

You will find that most proxy providers offer them in bulk. As for the number of proxies you want, it comes down to how much you can afford to spend on them. Some will cost more, while others are cheaper. But then again, the overall quality has to be taken into consideration.

Proxies come in bulks because you are still risking to get some of the IP addresses banned. First-timers will have extra trouble since they have not done anything similar before, and the odds of making a mistake somewhere is increased.

Features of a Good Proxy

Different providers offer different proxies. However, as a rule of thumb, you should focus on these five aspects:

  • Location. Some people do not bother with the location and disregard its importance. The IP addresses have to be based around the location of the store. In most cases, it will be the US. Do not bother with European IPs. Those would only end up as a waste of money.
  • HTTPs or SOCKS. Before you purchase proxies, be certain that they are the same type as your sneaker bot. While most proxies for sneakers offer both HTTPs and SOCKS, it is still worth double-checking.
  • Dedicated IP addresses. You may find that some providers offer either dedicated or residential IPs. Overall, dedicated IPs are better because they are more reliable.
  • Subnet. Some people like to buy the whole IP range to make sure that nobody is using the proxies from the same subnet.
  • Monthly randomization. While it is not imperative to have the IP addresses refreshed every month, some users might find this feature to be useful. Before you purchase proxies, ask the provider whether monthly randomization is present or not.


The competition for getting the best and the most-exclusive sneakers can get pretty rough. However, if you are an avid fan of the shoes or believe that getting your hands on them first is an excellent business opportunity, go for it. But remember that it will involve a lot of hard work as there will be competition to go up against. And the said competition can be beaten with a well-prepared strategy using sneaker proxies and bots.