You created your website a few years back. You hired the best web developer and provided the best support you could to ensure that your website is live. But since then leads have not been generated via it. You have invested in content marketing and social networks to get droves of traffic to your website, but none of those who visit your site are willing even to join your mailing list.

Have a look at this: your website has the best design, is easy to navigate. But if any visitor is bombarded with an aspect that seems off, they may never come back leave alone, leaving your site immediately. If you would want to know why you are experiencing low lead generation or no lead at all, keep reading. You will see how to turn your website into a lead generation machine the soonest possible.

Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

See, not everyone would visit your website using a desktop. A lot of people are now using mobile phones to search for what they need. So, if your website is only friendly to desktop users, then you are losing big since a large number of people navigate the internet using mobile phones.

 If anyone tries to access a page or take a certain action like filling a form but can’t proceed, they will simply leave your site, and in most cases, none of them lets you know about their encounter. Thus, your site should first be responsive and make it mobile-friendly.

Your content is poor

The first impression matters a lot to a new visitor to your site. If your content does not seem to be in good tone or the content is poorly done, the visitor will leave your website and search for better pages with great content. So, always make sure your web content is topnotch. It should never possess any flaws, such as spelling and grammatical errors. Also, check on style and tone. You can always hire someone to proofread content and edit before you publish it to ensure it is flawless and most importantly, non-plagiarized.

No impressive call to action

Once a visitor has read your copy and lacks a reason to stick around the page, they definitely leave. But when you give them a good to action, they will stay for some time, and you may have them subscribe to your mailing list. Simply put, always provide a strong call to action. Do not beat about the bush. Do not give any confusing statements.

 You should go straight to tell them what you would want them to do. It is simple. Make it conspicuous enough by using the button in bold, an interactive form, or even some contrasting colors. However, it should be very easy to follow. Do not provide steps that will munch a lot of their time. Eventually, you will have the leads you want.

Final thought

You have seen the various reasons why your website isn’t producing as many leads as it should. If you want to improve on that, check on your mobile-friendliness of your website, create super content, and use a strong call to action. You will ultimately generate a lot of leads than you ever imagined.