WordPress is an excellent blogging platform. One of its best feature is the availability of thousands of plugins and themes to extend its power. I am not going to make huge list of plugins in this post, but going to provide 10 must-have pluigns to enhance the power of your blog professionally.

Following is the list of 10 best plugins and i hope these plugins will be very helpful to maximize the power of your WordPress blog.

1. Akismet


If your blog is the castle, then Akismet is the fortress that surrounds it. Hands down Akismet is the best anti-spam plugin available for WordPress. It’s like the ‘sorting hat’ from Harry Potter (a reference that reveals my true geek nature) — it knows what’s good, bad and questionable in the blink of an eye. Set-up is easy and it keeps the spammers out plain and simple.

2. W3 Total Cache


This WordPress plugin is great for two reasons. First, it makes your pages load way faster. Second, since it stores static versions of your site, it requires much less CPU processing than using WordPress all by itself. This WordPress plugin is number one on the list for a reason.

3. All-in-one SEO Pack


All-in-one SEO pack is a must have plugin for any website or blog. While it works perfectly out of the box, you can also fine-tune any of its settings if you wish. It works by giving you a unique title and meta tags for each page and post. You can even give it your own meta info from each post page.

4. Google Analytics for WordPress


A simple plugin allowing to add Google Analytics to your blog pages and enjoy a variety of tracking options available at Google Analytics account. Once you upload and activate the plugin go to the Settings section in the main menu and look for Google Analytics. Here’s the place where you can make a Google Analytics WordPress Configuration. All you have to do is enter your Analytics Account ID and click on save. Now you can go to your Google Analytics account and track visitors, traffic sources, search keywords and most popular articles.

5. Google XML Sitemap


Another powerful plugin that helps the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask.com) index your blog. You need to index in order to be found and with the creation of a sitemap you’re making it much simpler for the crawlers to see a complete structure of your site and retrieve it more efficiently.

6. WP-DBManager


This little gem is amazing for backing up your website. It actually has quite a few functions that it can perform but perhaps it’s most impressive feature is it’s ability to email the entire WordPress databse to me every day.

7. Contact Form 7


It is completely configurable and easy to set up, you can make any amount of forms you wish and send it to multiple users as well.

8. WP-PageNavi


Those ‘Older Posts’ and ‘Newer Posts’ links are boring. With WP-PaveNavi you can get page buttons so users can go directly to whichever page they want. Plus they look a lot better than plain little links.

9. Chip Get Image


You can beautify your blog by displaying thumbnails along with post title. Chip Get Image provides an elegant solution to do this task by using her Short Circuit Speedy Logic. It will add image to the post by searching all possible parameters like post thumbnails, attachment image, custom fields or default.

10. Digg Digg Social Sharing


This simply WordPress plugin is what powers the floating social icons to the left of each post. With an easy to access Twitter icon, your friends and readers will be able to easily share and promote your content.

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