Using WordPress CMS as your blogging or website platform already gives you lots of advantages over other websites. It is a powerful and flexible publishing tool that lets you set up a responsive business website or a minimalist personal blog. The wealth of free and paid plugins to choose from can help you supercharge your website to meet its online goals.

While acknowledged as one of the best CMSs online, installing it can be tricky, especially if you have no experience in building websites before. There are guides like the 5-Minute Installation and this one from WebsiteSetup that are easy enough for non-developers to follow and get done.

However, some may still find this method too technical for their own good, considering that you need to use an FTP manager and manually create your phpMyAdmin and mySQL account, terms that are alien to most webmasters and bloggers.

Lucky for you, there are other ways on how you can install WordPress in your web hosting without a hitch. Below are some of the ways on how you can do this.

Note: All of the alternative methods of installing WordPress featured below require you to have access to the control panels of your web hosting. Also, not all control panels has the programs listed below.


This program offers one-click installation of web applications such as blogging platforms, forums, photo galleries, and more.

Look for the Softaculous icon under the Software/Services window of your control panel. Upon clicking it, go to the left sidebar and click on the “Blogs” category. From here, you will find the WordPress icon to click on and install in your hosting.

Before completing the installation, you will need to fill up information about the site first. You can choose which directory in your hosting to install the WordPress files. Leaving the “In Directory” field blank will install the WordPress files in the root directory. Aside from entering your username and password, you can edit your WordPress site’s Title and Description before installing it.


Similar to Softaculous, SimpleScripts lets you download from over 70+ applications straight from your control panel to your hosting.

Upon accessing your hosting’s control panel, search for and click the SimpleScripts icon under the Site Builder window. You will be brought to the SimpleScripts page where you can install other programs. Click on the WordPress icon to choose the directory in your hosting where you will install the CMS. From here, you will also have to determine the username and password you will use to access the site’s dashboard.

Fantastico de Luxe

Another script library for web hosting services that offers quick installation of web applications. Fantastico can be found under the Software/Services window of your control panel. Click on the icon to gain access to applications that you can install using this script library. Choose WordPress under the Blogs category on the sidebar and fill out the blanks in the page to complete your installation.

Additional information:

  • Make sure that your username and password is unique and simple enough so that only you will be able to remember them. To ensure that the created account will be safe, include different characters and symbols in your password. Use a password generator to create a strong and obscure password for your account. Just make sure that you save a copy of the created password so you won’t forget it.
  • If you already have an existing CMS in your root directory, you will have to decide whether to install the WordPress CMS to a subdirectory ( or a subdomain ( For SEO purposes, you are advised to create a subdirectory to your blog instead because all the link juice from the main domain will trickle down to the blog and it’ll be easier to rank your blog posts this way.

Final thoughts: Going with the 1-click WordPress installation using the available software from your control panel featured above will drastically cut down the time and effort of getting WordPress up and running in your web hosting.