Salesforce is one of the most popular tools among ecommerce businesses in large part because it’s easily integrated into a variety of systems – and that includes WordPress. Unfortunately, not all aspects of WordPress, particularly the user-designed plugins, are Salesforce compatible. You’ve got to do some weeding to find the ones that seamlessly engage with Salesforce.

We’ve taken care of that weeding for you. With these 4 Salesforce integration plugins, your site will be linked up to the rest of your business in no time.

Work With WooCommerce

WooCommerce and Salesforce were meant to be combined. Maybe not by their programmers, but in a more general sense, these are the systems underlying so much of ecommerce. To get them working together more fluidly, however, we recommend installing the Neuralab integration plugin.

The Neuralab plugin is available from Github and can help you coordinate shopping data from your website with your external business data. With businesses concerned about increased revenue stream recognition, this plugin is indispensable.

Never Miss A Lead

Although WordPress offers an all-in-one SEO pack for business users, it falls woefully short when it comes to Salesforce integration. It works with WooCommerce, but then your WooCommerce data is stuck on the site – making it not really such an “all-in-one” after all. You need something to bridge the gap.

For simple installation and flawless integration, Brilliant Web-to-Lead can’t be beat. What makes Brilliant Web-to-Lead so great is that it turns the complex list of form associated with Salesforce into an easy to use shortcode, perfect for tacking onto posts. Alternatively, you can use it as a sidebar via the basic plugin  it’s up to you.

Customize Your Contacts

When it comes to choosing a Salesforce integration plugin, you shouldn’t have to compromise the flexibility that Salesforce is known for in order to link it to your website. Unfortunately, some plugins will make you do just that. You deserve a better solution and we’ve found it with Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7 – paired with the Contact Form 7 3rd Party Integration plugin – is designed with flexibility in mind. Customize your forms, move registration data efficiently, and do it all in style. No more clunky boxes and missing information. Contact Form 7 is the stylish solution to WordPress-to-Salesforce integration.

The Gravity Of A Popular Program

The final Salesforce integration plugin that we highly recommend is Gravity Forms, a free plugin with a clear interface for easy installation. Now, free may not always be the way you want to go with ecommerce, but the reviews don’t lie. Gravity Forms has over 40,000 downloads and is active on over 5,000 websites. That’s a solid record.

In addition to its simple setup, Gravity Forms supports multiple languages and is working to add more. For sites servicing an international audience, this is a must-have plugin.

For a modern business, Salesforce is the crux of operations so integration is an absolute must. And while you may not see it in the URL, WordPress is a leading design host – it fuels the web as we know it. Get cloud equipped and get an integration plugin. Your business will be completely transformed.