Today’s digital marketing is a whole lot different from the one we had a couple of years ago. At the very beginning marketers used to contact everybody who was online, hoping to reach someone that will eventually get interested. Overtime, with the rise of new mobile technologies, tools, and social platforms, digital marketing has evolved into an incredibly powerful marketing channel.

The impact digital marketing can have on a business is immerse. That’s why marketers and business owners leverage the potential of digital marketing to the fullest to increase sales and make more money. Fortunately there are a lot of tools out there that can contribute to your online marketing efforts and WordPress tips to help you get better results.

With digital marketing in mind I’ve put up a list of best WordPress plugins that are very popular among marketers and are doing a great job. Find the list below and feel free to take your pick from the list.

WordPress MailChimp Plugin

If you use MailChimp for email marketing (I know you do), then make sure to check out MailChimp WD plugin. It’s a comprehensive tool for connecting to MailChimp, and start managing subscription forms, email lists and submissions from your site’s admin area. It allows you to create beautiful subscription forms with customized header sections, and add PayPal, country select, file upload field, page break  and many more fields to the forms. You can set up conditional fields in the forms, which will be hidden or displayed based on the selections your users make. The plugin features extensive emailing and customization options, that give you full control over the sent emails and the way your forms look and feel.

WordPress Ad Manager

Ad Manager is a functional and comprehensive plugin that helps you create,publish and manage various kinds of ads on your website.The plugin supports almost any kind of code, including HTML markup, Javascript code or specific advertisement script (Google AdSense).You can display ads on any of your posts, pages, categories and widget area, and target visitors based on the locations they come from. The ads can be organized in different ad groups and be published in three modes. You can place the ads before or after the content, or select a specific paragraph and inject the add right next to it. Moreover, the plugin allows you to schedule ads and get stats about how your ads perform.

WordPress Facebook Feed Plugin

Facebook is a social media giant which opens up a plenty of opportunities for marketers. If you own a business page on Facebook, you can easily bring it to your WordPress website using Facebook Feed WD plugin. With its help you can display various page/public group/profile feeds on your posts or pages with custom options and styling.You can choose to display only specific content (photos, videos, albums, events) from a feed, if the whole timeline doesn’t work for you. Also, you’ll get full control over the length of the posts, user roles, feed update interval, and display options. There are album view for albums, masonry and thumbnail view for photos/videos, blogstyle and thumbnail view options for events. The plugin comes with a powerful lightbox which supports filmstrip and full-width image display.

WordPress Google Analytics

There is no better way to maximize your marketing efforts than using valid stats. With Google Analytics WD plugin you’ll be able to get stats directly from your site’s dashboard on your audience, website performance or for any custom metric or dimension. It perfectly integrates with Google Analytics and gives you all the tools to track targeted activities and measure your progress by comparing data of different period ranges. You can configure data filters and exclude unnecessary information from your reports. Also, the plugin allows you to export the reports to CSV or PDF files.


Jetpack provides a bundle of advanced features that help you to optimize, share and promote you site content for a wider readership. It comes with a centralized dashboard where you can view your visitor statistics, optimize images, create contact forms, subscriptions forms and a lot more. The plugin supports WordPress content delivery network (CDN) which reduces bandwidth and saves you hosting costs. Jetpack also provides security settings and protects your site against force attacks and unauthorized loggins. To help you to get more traffic it offers tools like related posts, enhanced distribution and social sharing.


OptinMonster is a lead generation plugin, which helps you grow your email list and easily convert visitors into subscribers. The plugin features an advanced form builder that you can use to create various mobile friendly pop-up and slide-in forms, as well as floating bars, sidebar forms, and more. OptinMonster works out of the box with popular email marketing service providers and features an advanced exit intent technology which lets you track user behavior and jump in at the very right moment. It uses page level targeting and A/B testing functionalities to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


CoSchedule is a comprehensive tool for content marketing and social scheduling. With its help you and your team will always stay connected and organized, and will be able to automate a lot of stuff. You can easily plan your tasks and add different type of content to the calendar, such as emails, posts, meetings, webinars, and so on. All your social messages will be shared on the scheduled time and date, and you’ll be able to monitor how many times your content has been shared on different networks. It allows you to give different coloring to the tasks so you never miss a deadline. What’s best about the plugin is that you can share tasks and upload files to the calendars within your team members.

All in One Rich Snippets

This plugin will take care of the optimization of your website and help you get higher rankings and better search engine results. It provides search engines with the important data about your site which they display in search result snippets. The snippets may contain star ratings, price, author info, as well as images. With its help you can add rich snippets not only for your posts, but also other content types, such as events, reviews, videos, and more.

If you’re about to start an online marketing campaign, here are some great plugin options you can go with. They perfectly integrate with various social platforms, and will contribute a great deal to your marketing efforts. This is my own list of the plugins, but if you have other plugins for marketing in mind, let me know about them in the comments below.

Author bio: Gayane Mar is the founder of, a WordPress enthusiast and blogger. She is a contributing author to a plenty of well-known WordPress related blogs and enjoys sharing her experience to help people with WordPress.