WordPress is an excellent platform for small to medium sized businesses including restaurants and food vendors. If you are looking for a nice WordPress theme for your cooking or food-related blog or web site the collection of WordPress themes we offer here would be very useful. Using the internet to order food is the easiest today and as the customer himself selects his order from the menu, its almost impossible to get things wrong. Many of them are magazine styled and thus project endless options to work with.

Following are some more related articles that you may like to browse through:

1. Limon – A Restaurant and Spa WordPress Theme

Limon is a beautiful, clean, and feature robust wordpress theme designed for restaurants, spas and salons.

Limon - A Restaurant and Spa WordPress Theme


2. Bordeaux – Premium Restaurant Theme

Exquisite, unique and elegant WordPress theme for your café or restaurant website.

Bordeaux - Premium Restaurant Theme


3. Food Recipes – WordPress Theme

Food Recipes is a feature rich and beautifully designed WordPress theme for food related web sites and businesses.

Food Recipes - WordPress Theme


4. Spicylicious – Premium OpenCart Theme

Spicylicious is a very advanced OpenCart theme suitable for various kind or e-commerce web sites coming with totally reworked layout and huge amount of JS visual effects.

Spicylicious - Premium OpenCart Theme


5. Palazzo Di Sole – WordPress Theme

Palazzo Di Sole is great WordPress template excellent for restaurant, bar, pub or bistro. Clear code and perfectly organized in sets PSD files make everything clear and easy to find.

Palazzo Di Sole - WordPress Theme


6. FoodPress – A Recipe & Food Theme

FoodPress is a recipe & food blog WordPress theme, which makes it easy for you to share your recipes with the custom recipe options built in to this theme.

FoodPress - A Recipe & Food Theme


7. CookingPress – Recipe & Food WordPress Theme

CookingPress is a WordPress theme for foodies. This recipe theme will let you share all your recipes and cooking tips with wide audience.

CookingPress - Recipe & Food WordPress Theme


8. Monmarthe Cafeteria WP

This theme comes with home page jQuery slider. No commercial fonts used in this template means no any additional editing cost.

Monmarthe Cafeteria WP


9. Stomaci – Restaurant & Cafe WordPress Theme

Stomaci gives a rustic design that is sure to impress your visitors, with its unique combination it is suitable for every cozy, old stylish family restaurant as well as modern cafe.

Stomaci - Restaurant & Cafe WordPress Theme


10. Delicioso WordPress Recipe Theme

Delicioso is a beautiful recipe theme for WordPress. It offers the user an easy way to create a recipe site.

Delicioso WordPress Recipe Theme


11. Time for Food for WordPress

Time for Food is a beautifully designed WordPress Theme for all you foodies. It can be used to share recipes or just write articles based about food.

Time for Food for WordPress


12. Redminton – Restaurant WordPress Theme

Redminton is a clean WordPress theme what use a sliding paginator, and is great for restaurant or food related websites, photograph walls.

Redminton - Restaurant WordPress Theme


While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.