Blogging is a powerful way to connect, but it won’t take you very far if no one’s reading it – that’s why you need to get your web content widely disseminated on social media. There are several ways you can approach this process: you can post your blog manually to each of your social media accounts, or you can work smarter. With the right WordPress plugin plus a little scheduling help, you can share your work widely at the touch of the button.

What social media sharing program is right for you? These 3 plugins can help you build your audience with ease and efficiency. You’ll never go back to the manual approach.

Every Platform In One Place

With social media platforms proliferating, even most marketing professionals would struggle to list all of the potential places you could share your content. From the standard Facebook and Twitter shares, the list expands to include WhatsApp, StumbleUpon, and many more. Luckily, with AddtoAny you can see all these platforms in one place.

The AddtoAny plugin is a great choice for bloggers interacting with less popular social media platforms, not just those in the mainstream. The AddtoAny app is also compact, meaning it won’t slow down your website like some other plugins.

Many Arms, One Site

The most successful blogs are often affiliated with more than one Facebook page, but for most plugins, posting to multiple Facebook accounts is a challenge – they’re just not designed to do it. MicroBlog Poster is an exception to that rule.

The MicroBlog Poster plugin is a simple yet comprehensive WordPress tool that includes most social media accounts and allows you to add multiple accounts for the most popular, including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You’ll also find a few unusual networks in the MicroBlog platform, such as Kontakte, a European network, and Plurk, a mixed social media, blogging, and messaging platform.

Keep It Visible

In general, it’s your responsibility to share your blogging activity, but often the most valuable factor in blog publicity is sharing by readers. That’s why you need to make sure you have visible sharing buttons on your posts. Readers should be able to easily post your content without having to copy links and jump through hoops.

One way to improve the quality of your sharing buttons is with Flare, part of the Filament plugin. The Flare plugin makes your share buttons stand out, catching readers’ attention and encouraging them to repost your content. Since most blogs use almost identical sharing icons, this can be a real incentive and result in increased shares.

Coming Around Again

No matter what sharing plugins you’re using on your site, your best strategy for keeping your blog active and building a following is to also share older posts on a regular basis. By designing evergreen content and reposting it with a multifaceted auto poster tool like Postcron you’ll see an uptick in readership and continued activity on older blog posts, keeping your work alive. This will also increase the level of engagement with your social media pages, keeping your posts front and center on your readers’ feeds.

When it comes to online success, content shares are the name of the game, so you need to expand your reach. Make the process simpler for both yourself and your readers and use these tools and see results. Their simple design will keep your website running smoothly, while the comprehensive social media features will get your work out onto the wider web.