A video player WordPress widget allows you present video content in your WordPress blogs, posts, and pages quickly and easily. It’s very easy to add YouTube videos to a WordPress Post or a Page. Plop in a bit of embed code or the URL of the video, and you’re all set. The problem is that a growing number of them either aren’t updated regularly or don’t offer much. It is a pain to switch from one YouTube plugin to another, so it is important that you choose the right one, the first time.

Today, we are going to reviewing the top 10 best free WordPress YouTube player widget plugins. The YouTube player widgets made easy to embed videos. There are some very nice and creative solutions. We’ve gone through and picked out the seven of best free ones we could find. If you know of others we may have missed, let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS-feed and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for recent updates.

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1. YouTube Channel

When you need to display sidebar widget with latest video from some YouTube channel or playlist, you can use customizable YouTube Channel plugin. Simply insert widget to sidebar, set channel name and if you wish leave all other options on default. You will get latest video from chosen YouTube channel embedded in sidebar widget, with link to channel on the bottom of the widget. If you wish to use playlist instead of channel.

YouTube Channel

2. WordPress YouTube Embed

WordPress YouTube Embed plugin is useful and convenient plugin to add videos to your WordPress website without coding knowledge. You can use YouTube Embed plugin for adding videos in widgets, posts, pages, so it mean you can add videos almost everywhere(also you can use our YouTube Embed plugin shortcode to add videos in header or footer of your website). WordPress YouTube Embed plugin have some useful features that you’ll need.

WordPress YouTube Embed

3. FV WordPress Flowplayer

FV WordPress Flowplayer WordPress plugin is a free, easy-to-use, and complete solution for embedding FLV or MP4 videos into your posts or pages. With MP4 videos, FV WordPress Flowplayer offers 98% coverage even on mobile devices. FV Flowplayer 5 is the only completely responsive WordPress video player. Custom start and end screens are built right in. You can use your own custom design before and after the video.

FV WordPress Flowplayer

4. YourChannel: YouTube Channel on Your Website

Now turn your website with YouTube links into an engagement platform. You don’t need more storage or bandwidth, and your visitors hate leaving the webpage they’ve already loaded, so why don’t you show your videos and playlists in your own website. Tell this plugin your YouTube username or channel ID and it’ll setup your channel in your own property. Feature suggestions are implemented quickly. Smooooth animations. Shortcode works in page, posts or custom fields. Loads files only if shortcode is present.

YourChannel: YouTube Channel on Your Website

5. Easy YouTube Gallery

Use this plugin when you wish to quick insert gallery grid composed from custom selected YouTube videos. For automated latest or random videos collected from YouTube channel, favorites, liked videos or playlist. Custom set of ID’s provided as shortcode attribute id (single of multiple ID’s separated by comma). Custom additional class for targeted styling (if you need to blend gallery in your theme).

Easy YouTube Gallery

6. Video Gallery

Video Gallery plugin was created and specifically designed to show your videos from Vimeo and Youtube in unusual splendid ways. It has 5 good-looking views. Each are made in different taste so that you can choose any of them, according to the style of your website. The Video Gallery allows you to add video from 2 kind of sources, it is Vimeo and Youtube. From time to time we will make all kind of updates, and add many other even better view to our Video Gallery.

Video Gallery

7. YouTube

YouTube embed plugin. Embed responsive YouTube video players & playlists in posts & widgets. Add video thumbnails, analytics, SEO, caching. Improved accessibility by using title attributes for screen reader support. It should help your site pass functional accessibility evaluations (FAE). Automatic localization/internationalization so you can set the player’s interface language from English to another. Instant HTTPS support. It can even convert past non-HTTPS videos to HTTPS.


8. WordPress Video Player

Video Player is a WordPress video plugin that allows you to easily add videos to your website. It has the possibility of organizing videos into playlists and choosing a preferred layout for the player. Spider Video Player is one of the best WordPress video players available in WordPress plugin directory. Spider Video Player for WordPress provides a convenient user interface, incorporating all the common features for video players including video quality selection, sharing, full screen, shuffle and more.

WordPress Video Player

9. YouTube Advanced by Embed Plus

YouTube Advanced Embed is a plugin that enhances the YouTube videos you embed in your WordPress site. It’s a feature-rich and smart upgrade to the standard YouTube embed. By just pasting a YouTube link, you’ll not only get the features of YouTube’s standard embed, but also extra playback options, relevant user-generated content, video reactions beyond YouTube.com comments.

YouTube Advanced by Embed Plus

10. Brid Video Easy Publish

With this plugin you will be able to seamlessly add Brid video players and content to your WordPress site or blog. Brid video is a free to use CMS system where you can add existing YouTube or upload your custom videos and monetize them. Users will be able to easily search for videos in their Brid Video library. In addition all of your playlists and videos will be easily accessible with editable thumbnail, title and other information about the video.

Brid Video Easy Publish