Are you thinking about creating your own website? Especially when you are not techy, building your own website is not easy. Don’t stress yourself as you are not alone. Here in this step by step guide, you’ll learn how to build a free WordPress website.

The best thing is, you don’t even need to learn how to code for that matter. This guide is useful despite your age and skill level. Here is a quick overview before we proceed with how to build a website on WordPress for free.

Things required to build a website

  1. A domain name – this is going to be the name of your website such as
  2. WordPress hosting – it is the place where your website files are going to be stored.
  3. Slightly less than an hour of your undivided attention.

Let’s get started.

Step 1 – The Setup

One of the most common mistakes than one commit while creating a website is, choosing the wrong platform. Fortunately, this guide will not let you repeat the same old error again. You are advised to go with for choosing the website platform.

Because of the countless add-ons and designs it has, you’ll be able to create any kind of website without needing to worry much. WordPress is a free platform that allows you to download important tools and to create any website that you can think of.

Where does the cost come from if WordPress is free? 

WordPress does not cost you anything but you’ll need to manage for the domain name and hosting. However, some hosts provide hosting for free. Also, it doesn’t cost you much to purchase a domain name.

A domain name is the address of your website that a user must have to type in the browser in order to reach out to your website. For example; and

There are several hosting companies to choose for a free web hosting. Not all of them suit your preferences best, but 000webhost makes it easy for you with regards to the free hosting.

Step 2 – Installing WordPress

It’s remarkably simple to install WordPress by using 000webhost auto-installer. Since this is a guide for the beginners, the auto-installer option will be the most efficient for you. If you are in a mood to launch and run your website quickly, this is the ideal method for you.

It initiates with signing up with 000webhost. It requires you to have your email verified and logged in. Once the app page appears, click on the Build Website icon existing on the top left of the screen – right in the corner.

Once you clicked on the button, this install screen will then appear.

Install WordPress by setting Username and Password. Also, choose the language of your website and when you are done with the settings, click Install.

After completing the installation process, go to the configuration page. You will then get access to WordPress dashboard when you are done entering your 000webhost credentials. It is simply that easy to install WordPress using the auto-installer option.

You may want to tweak your installation and for that matter, you need to choose the manual method. Since this subject is specially woven to be understood by the beginners, let’s not go into the manual methodology.

Step 3 – Selecting appropriate theme

WordPress theme usually controls the visual look of your WordPress website. These themes are professionally designed so that you can change the appearance of your website at any given time by simply installing them.

Each WordPress site normally comes with a basic theme. There are thousands of themes (both paid and free) out of which you can choose the desired one and install. A theme can be changed by getting access to the WordPress admin dashboard. themes directory offers you around 4492 themes for your website. You can sort them by selecting featured, latest, and popular options.

If you know the theme that you wish to install for free, then you can search for it by simply typing its name in the search field and pressing enter. WordPress will then lead you to the searched theme. Move your mouse cursor over the desired theme and press install button.

You can also customize it by clicking on the Customize link that exists under the Appearance menu. It then takes you to the theme setting and a live preview of how your website looks like.

Step 4 – Adding Content

Quite often, WordPress comes with two types of content which are default in nature – posts and pages. A post is a segment that stays under a reverse-chronological order and is a part of the blog. Whereas, pages are static in nature and are usually “one-off” type of content.

Contact page, privacy policy, and about us are the sections that come right under this type of content.

Usually, blog posts are shown on the front page by default as a static action by WordPress. You can change that setting and allow WordPress to show any page at any given instant.

Step 5 – Tweaking and Customizing website

Customization is an important step to enhance the appearance of your website. It is followed by creating and customizing your content. It allows you to make your website more presentable and makes it look nice.

During the installation, you get to choose a title for your website. However, WordPress adds the tagline in your website automatically that appears something like that – “Just another WordPress site”.

It is interesting to know that you can change the title by simply visiting the settings in the control panel. You can leave just as it is, but it is advised to change it if you want to make your website more impressionable.

Step 6 – The Plugin installation

Installing plugins is just as important as customizing your website. A Plugin acts just like app for your WordPress website. They allow you to have your website more feature enriched and enhanced dynamism.

WordPress is available with more than 49000 plugins out of which, you can choose what suits your site the most. There are some plugins which are paid and developed by the third-party developers.

Some important questions (FAQs)

  1. Is WordPress the only platform for creating websites?

Not, it certainly not. There are several other website builders, but the WordPress is the most prominent one and easiest to use while building a website.

  1. How relevant is it to choose 000webhost for free hosting?

It is quite relevant to choose 000webhost for hosting your website for free. Especially when you are a newbie and wants to test a software script. Also, if you do not want to shell money right away, it’s a good way to start with.

  1. Can I make money from my website?

You definitely can make loads of money from your website. For that matter, you need to put user-friendly content and most importantly, make sure you are selling what people really need.

  1. Is it necessary to hold knowledge in HTML/CSS to customize and creating a website?

The answer to this question is no. Drag and Drop option in WordPress Plugins is more than enough to make this work a lot easier.


Hope this step by step guide helps you in creating a website on WordPress. Also, it doesn’t take to hire a developer or spending unnecessarily to create a website. All it takes, follow the above-told steps and execute them with your undivided attention.