WordPress is our recommended blogging platform for a variety of reasons, one of which is its extensive library of 3rd party plugins. As a photographer, you can use a variety of plugins to make your site look more appealing and help you get more business. Photographers need a  site that functions and still provides a creative platform that is necessary for their work.

There are a plethora of plugins for you to choose from that can help you achieve both of those goals. Here, in our today’s post we are going to share with you 15 most useful free wordpress plugins for photography blogs. These are plugins that I frequently use and in my opinion some of the better WordPress plugins available to everyone, not just photographers.

If you feel that I’ve left out some important ones, feel free to comment with recommendations in the comment section of this article. You may be interested in the following modern trends related articles as well: Free Genesis Framework WordPress Widgets, Organization WordPress Premium Themes, Free Photoblog Themes for WordPress and Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugins.

1. Bulk Photo to Product Importer Extension

This Plugin is an extension to WooCommerce and enables users to bulk import photos, which are automatically converted into Products.

Bulk Photo to Product Importer Extension

2. Sell Media

Sell Media is a WordPress plugin that allows you to sell, license and protect images, videos, audio and pdf’s on your self-hosted WordPress site.

Sell Media

3. Projects by WooThemes

Projects by WooThemes is a clean and easy-to-use portfolio showcase management system for WordPress. Load in your recent projects, and display them on a specified page using our template system, or via a shortcode, widget or template tag.

Projects by WooThemes

4. CP Image Store with Slideshow

CP Image Store with Slideshow is an online store for the sale of image files: images, predefined pictures, clipart, drawings, vector images.

CP Image Store with Slideshow

5. Dreamstime Stock Photos

Easily & safely insert stock images into your posts and pages from the largest selection of free and professional stock photos online without leaving WordPress.

Dreamstime Stock Photos

6. Pixabay Images

Pixabay Images is a WordPress plugin that let’s you pick CC0 public domain pictures from Pixabay and insert them with just a click anywhere on your blog.

Pixabay Images

7. Heroic Gallery Manager

The Ultimate gallery manager that combines the best features of the WordPress media manager with a simplified and flexible gallery management tool.

Heroic Gallery Manager

8. Slideshow Satellite

Satellite’s goal is to present a responsive and beautiful slideshow experience to visitors of your WordPress site. Choose from multiple easy to use themes like Slideshows with full thumbnail displays.

Slideshow Satellite

9. Design Approval System

Approved designs get a STAR on the Project Board, and Clients signature is recorded to the database. Check out the Project Board. Clients, projects, & designs are organized on one page + Clients can login to see there designs!

Design Approval System

10. Bannerspace Slideshow

Bannerspace is powered by the awesome jQuery Cycle plugin. The plugin creates a custom post type for your slides and allows the user to create simple slideshows with funky transition effects such as fade, scroll, shuffle, zoom, and more.

Bannerspace Slideshow

11. PhotoPress – Latest Images

This plugin adds a shortcode, that can be used within Pages and Posts, to display a gallery of the latest images that have been uploading to your Media Library.

PhotoPress - Latest Images

12. Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

Want to be able to add images directly to Pinterest by just clicking on the image? Your problems are over! Have the user just hover the mouse over the image they want to pin and watch your visits grow!

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

13. WP iSell Photo

WP iSell Photo enhances the functionality of your existing WordPress photo gallery and turns it into an e-commerce photo gallery. It makes photo selling easier.

WP iSell Photo

14. ByREV Gallery Pagination

This plugin offers the possibility of displaying a photo gallery on multiple pages / pagination gallery.

ByREV Gallery Pagination

15. Easygram

Easygram is a free, photo plugin for all WordPress users, by Obox Themes. A WordPress plugin that allows you to create amazing blog posts or galleries for your WordPress website that include your Instagram photos.