If you are newbie to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then the first thing you should know is that search engines love fresh and quality content. Beside quality content there are many factors to get a post to be ranked well in search engine. Without getting into all the technical jargon a plugin is a feature on WordPress that allows bloggers to optimize and customize their websites.

Many great plugins are available to help your WordPress site when it comes to SEO, usability, and conversion. Here are 14 great free search engine optimization plugins for WordPress that are useful for your wordpress blogs. These WordPress plugins are easy tools that make your website awesome – and more importantly your own. Don’t forget to give your most welcomed feedback to improve quality of our blog.

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1. Embed Articles

Embed Articles is a viral content distribution plugin that enables your posts and articles to be embedable to other websites through a creative embed button interface. By installing this plugin into your blog, your blog will be automatically be added with proper Open Graph Protocol metadatas which are being respected and parsed by most search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Embed Articles

2. Add Meta Tags

Add basic meta tags and also Opengraph, Schema.org Microdata, Twitter Cards and Dublin Core metadata to optimize your web site for better SEO. Add-Meta-Tags (AMT) adds metadata to your web site. This metadata contains information about the content, the author, the media files, which have been attached to your content, and even about some of the embedded media.

Add Meta Tags

3. SEO-Check

This plugin requires a valid Free eRanker API Key. The user will be able to generate commons SEO reports and insert into articles using shortcodes or widgets. Each factor is unique and allow the user use this data on his articles.


4. RS Head Cleaner Plus

This plugin cleans up a number of issues, doing the work of multiple plugins, improving speed, efficiency, security, SEO, and user experience. It removes junk code from the document HEAD & HTTP headers, moves JavaScript from header to footer, combines/minifies/caches CSS & JavaScript files.

RS Head Cleaner Plus

5. SiteWit Website Analytics and Search Engine Marketing

SiteWit is a DIY online marketing platform. Start with free website analytics and SEO keyword ranking. Then utilize SiteWit’s step by step set up to launch search campaigns across Google, Bing and Yahoo. Maximize your search budgets and advertise online with confidence by leveraging SiteWit’s automated management and optimization tools.

SiteWit Website Analytics and Search Engine Marketing


Squirrly SEO helps you write content that is SEO friendly and ALSO Human friendly. You’ll get to improve your rankings, while providing your readers with great content. See Your SEO Stats, get a weekly SEO Audit and find some great keywords. It works well with wordpress sites that already have Yoast or All In One SEO.


7. Wincher Rank Tracker

Free search engine ranking tool for all your keywords. Keep an eye on your competitors, generate PDF reports, ranking history in graphs, easy sharing, and a lot more. Wincher FREE allows you to track unlimited number or keywords with weekly ranking updates. Upgrade to PRO and get daily updates along with more functionality like PDF and CSV reports and unlimited number of domains.

Wincher Rank Tracker

8. Ads Campaigns

Create Facebook Ads & Google Ads from your wordpress! Create, monitor and schedule your ads easily. Use the plugin AdBuddy system to automatically optimize your ads for amazing results! This plugin also comes with an Ad Buddy system that lets you Automatically Optimize all your Google Ads and Facebook Ads, for amazing results!

Ads Campaigns

9. RS Nofollow Blogroll

The default setting for WordPress Blogrolls does not add the rel=”nofollow” attribute to links. If you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization, you know that linking out to other sites from every single page of your site (as a Blogroll does) can hurt your SEO because you lose too much link juice.

RS Nofollow Blogroll

10. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin is written from the ground up by Joost de Valk and his team at Yoast to improve your site’s SEO on all needed aspects. While this WordPress SEO plugin goes the extra mile to take care of all the technical optimization, more on that below, it first and foremost helps you write better content.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

11. Author hReview

Add hReview and AggregateRating support based on schema.org, which help you increase search traffic by making SERP results more eye-catching. This plugin supports only the editorial ratings submission (editor/author rating), this means customers and site visitors are not involved in the rating or review process, this means rating reflects only the author’s opinion.

Author hReview

12. Auto Clean URL for SEO

Yoast WordPress SEO has added the functionality of this plugin in version 1.4.16 (“Add option to enable slug stop word cleaning”) which is on by default. If you use our plugin together with Yoast WordPress SEO, please turn the WordPress SEO functionality off (find it under SEO -> Permalinks).

Auto Clean URL for SEO

13. WP Meta SEO

WP meta SEO got 2 major functionnalities: bulk edit all website meta with intuitive interface and optimize wrong image size. It was so annoying before and almost nobody was able to edit all meta content and image meta. WP Meta SEO is going to list all articles, pages, custom post and all images. Update meta and image size and everything is AJAX saved.


14. SEO

SEO Wizard is one of the most coveted WordPress plugins because of the flexibility it offers its users. The tool helps designers write better content, keep track of posts, write optimized meta titles and descriptions, and integrate social media. It’s a comprehensive plugin that’s proving its worth in the wordpress community.