Maintaining your visitors base is almost as hard as acquiring new ones. While striving to drive newcomers to your website, don’t forget to also make sure you’re not losing your regular visitors.

Whether your target is a flow of a new traffic or you want to keep the visitors base stable you have to truly make an effort to engage them.

If your visitors aren’t engaged on your website, it doesn’t worth a penny. Although user engagement depends on different factors, there are luckily certain ways, that can boost user engagement on your website, increase the retention and reduce the bounce rate at the same time.

Below you can find simple tips and tools, that will increase content consumption and make users on your website  more engaged.

Keep it Clear

The way you present your content is crucial.To display your content in an organized, clear and appealing way is one of the points of high user engagement. This is exactly what WordPress Portfolio Gallery theme does.

It is a new and advanced WordPress portfolio theme, which does a great job in showcasing images, videos and your posts in organized image thumbs. You can create various post galleries and portfolios and display them with the fully customizable layouts available in the theme.

The powerful lightbox of the theme is one of its stand out advantages. It enables you to display your collection of posts within it and gives your visitors the possibility to have the post preview before getting to read them. The lightbox offers 15 transition effects for your content showcasing. It has advanced customization options, such as enabling info, fullscreen, play/pause button options in the lightbox,setting image info position, to make it work exactly as you wish.

Portfolio Gallery theme is responsive, which ensures that all your content are perfectly showed across different kinds of devices.

As an addition, Portfolio Gallery Pro provides enhanced customization options, which refer to text, lightbox background menu, buttons,and title links colors.

Focus on Social Media

When you make user engagement a priority don’t overlook the role of social media. It is the ultimate source of content sharing and can significantly increase user engagement of your posts. As your content gets shared across different networks, engagement for comments, shares and interaction has the potential to increase.

If you are looking for an easy and simple way to share you content across various social networks, Simple Share Buttons Adder plugin is what you need. It’s responsive and adjusts perfectly for mobile devices.The plugin gives you a sea of customization options for almost every feature of the share buttons.

The built-in colorpicker functionality of the plugin enables you to choose the colors on hover for the buttons. You can choose the style and design of the buttons, and if they still won’t look as you want, you can use your own images to best fit your website. With Simple Share Buttons Adder plugin you can add captions and tags to images which will be selected as people share your content.

Built-in shortcodes will help you to add sharing buttons exactly where you’d like or hide them whenever you don’t need them. You can easily track the number of shares from your WordPress dashboard.

Integrate Real Images and Photos

Filling your posts and pages with real life images and other media can significantly boost your website’s user engagement. Any type of media content has the potential to increase retention on your website. That’s absolutely true, because all of us love scrolling through different images, galleries and videos.

With this in mind I recommend checking WordPress Instagram Feed WD plugin, which will bring user and hashtag based Instagram feeds to your website and significantly increase user engagement on your website. This WordPress Instagram plugin comes with four fully customizable layouts with infinite scrolling and load more button options. With the unique Masonry and Blog style layouts the large images thumbs are going to attract a lot of attention.

A new advanced conditional filtering feature was recently added to the plugin, which helps you to filter exactly the images you want. You can add unlimited conditions and specify condition types such as hashtag, username, description, mention or Instagram media link and display filtered images to your visitors.

Your visitors will be pleased to use the feature-rich lightbox of the plugin as they click on the image. The lightbox is capable of displaying images as a slideshow with 15 available transition effects and can also show image metadata and feed details within it.

Instagram Feed WD plugin comes with two customizable themes, and also provides the possibility of adding new personalized ones, with custom settings for header, user data, layouts and lightbox.

The plugin also enables you to add customizable widgets to the sidebars of your website.


Sticking to the same methods and techniques for engaging visitors is not a good idea. Definitely, there is no one-fits-all solution to engaging everyone who visits your blog. People love novelty and everything that is new has the potential to keep them engaged and get more active, So, don’t be afraid to experiment with your website design and style, publish detailed content about newsworthy and trendy topics, create cool post designs, post regularly and different types of content, send thank you letters, etc.

Don’t Forget to Test

While you experiment, you also test. This is a good method of testing what works well and what’s not. You can test different methods and techniques and see what keeps your visitors coming back and what keeps them engaged. You can also test the time and day of the week to see when your readers are most engaged and active. Don’t forget to also ask your visitors questions about what content they would like to read on your blog and what aspects of it need improvement.

With this simple yet effective tips user engagement on your website is bound to significantly increase. Just make sure to implement them and track the outcomes. If you have any questions or comments regarding the article feel free to leave a comment below.