Running a website is not easy. Despite how it might appear, it requires around-the-clock surveillance and content creation in order to thrive. Even if you are not on the website itself, you still have a vested interest to be plugged in. Marketing never takes a break, and if you are managing your website on your own, then you will need to invest a lot of time before you see any financial return.

Thankfully, programs and computing has come a long way since the early days of the Internet. Nowadays you don’t even need to necessarily know coding or HTML to create a beautiful and engaging site. There are many professionals you can outsource from; specialists in website design, content creation and digital marketing. All of this can help boost the productivity of your team so that they can eliminate the most menial of tasks.

To further boost productivity, though, here are a couple of plugins that can help your workers work for effectively.

Top Plugins

WordPress is one of the most widely used Content Management Systems (CMS) for a reason, and it’s not because it’s base version is so powerful. It isn’t even an e-commerce platform after all, but what makes it so popular is how easily it can be customized. From adding an e-commerce plugin to an SEO plugin, to a plugin for anything under the sun you can transform your website’s capabilities and make your site exactly the way you want it without advanced coding experience.

There are so many great plugins you can easily install, and some even for free. Just remember to test them all out first. You don’t want to overload your site with plugins that don’t add to it, as this can slow it down.

Two great examples of plugins you need to install include:

A Website Blocking Plugin

There are plugins that you can install to your computer, phone, or into your browser that are geared entirely towards keeping you focused on your work. They do this by blocking your access to sites that you spend too much time on. Whether this is social media or an online gaming site doesn’t matter either, as you can customize which sites you want blocked at when. Having fun when on your lunch or for a few minutes throughout the day can help you manage mental fatigue and reduce stress, but too much temptation isn’t ideal either.

With a productivity-designed plugin, you can manage your habits and get your work done faster. Once your goals for the day are complete, then you can go play online or scroll through social media as much as you desire. 

A Spam Blocking Plugin

Another key productivity boosting plugin is any that block spam. You can get a lot of bots and fake comments or sign-ups without the right protections in place, and these, in turn, can slow down your computer and even cause viruses to occur.

By installing a spam blocking plugin, you don’t have to worry about going through and deleting droves of fake comments, because this plugin will take care of that for you.

Whether you need to boost productivity, make it easy to boost your SEO, or want to add a more fun carousel album feature to your front page, plugins do it all. It is up to you however to choose only the best and to remove the rest, so that your site can be optimized and fast.