No matter which way you turn these days, you will see people from all walks of life engaging with their mobile phone. The way people consume and engage with web content is drastically different to how it was 10 years ago and behaviours shift as quickly as the technology evolves. Website’s must invest in mobile-friendly web designs that will provide users with the experience that they are looking for. Google has already encouraged webmasters to prioritise mobile-friendliness in their website designs by rewarding their site with higher search engine rankings in the organic search results.

The easiest way to make your site mobile friendly is by investing in a mobile-responsive theme. Web design agency Pixelstorm have provided the following list of website themes that are mobile friendly and that will deliver the perfect web experience.


The themes offered by StudioPress are some of the best on WordPress. If you are looking for a professional theme that offers all of the mobile-friendly features, is light, quick and customizable, then the themes from StudioPress are perfect for you.

Unlike a lot of other mobile-responsive themes, the StudioPress community has been working on the themes to make sure that the theme’s mobile-friendliness is ideal for search engines as well as users.

Top selling StudioPress themes:

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is great for people that want to optimise their WordPress site for conversions. One of the interesting features about this theme is that when you use the content builder plugin, the changes or amends that you publish on the desktop version of the site displays just as well on the mobile version. The theme is very customisable when used in conjunction with their plugins, such as:

  • Thrive content builder
  • Thrive clever widgets
  • Thrive leads
  • Thrive ultimatum.

The theme is relatively inexpensive and has web developers making ongoing improvements to the theme. Web developers like the theme for its ease of use, functionality and mobile-friendliness.

Recommended themes from Thrive Themes:


Themeforest is home to a multitude of excellent mobile-friendly responsive themes. There are thousands of themes in their library that provide professional designs and excellent functionality. Prices for some of the themes start from as little as $50USD and are completely mobile-responsive.

The Avada theme is currently the top selling multi-purpose WordPress theme on Themeforest. For $59, you can get a professional responsive website design that can be customised to any website functionality; whether you want to develop an e-commerce store, brochure site, blog or business site.

Check the mobile friendliness of the theme before you purchase it

It’s all well and good that premium theme providers say that the site is mobile responsive, however it is ideal that you check the mobile-friendliness with Google’s Mobile Friendly Test tool. Simply run the demo version of the website in the tool so that Google assesses the code and page layout.

Once it has been run, Google should display a score out of 100 (with the number that’s closest to 100 being good) as well as a list of areas to improve the mobile friendliness of the theme. Ideally, most of the areas will be covered. However, if they aren’t, ask the theme developer if there’s any plan to update the highlighted areas or see how much it would cost to have a web developer improve these areas.

Consumers love their mobile devices and it’s now more important than ever to deliver content in their preferred format. Ensure that you select a WordPress theme that will maximise the user experience on mobile devices and cater for Google so that the site will rank well in the organic search results.