Helpie is a WordPress Knowledge Base Wiki plugin that can help you and your team collaborate with content creation, especially that of your public and internal knowledge bases.

Why should you care?

If you have a business website, you need Helpie. Helpie can help you build a public knowledge base that assists your customers onboard quickly. It can help you convert savvy potential customers into customers and help reduce time/money spent on support.

User Knowledge Base Wiki

If you are thinking, well I have a business website but would people even read my KB?

People do read Knowledge Bases to know more about how your product works in detail. Your landing page is nice, but savvy customers do a more detailed research. In fact, users who spend over 10 minutes are more likely to become your early adopters or loyalists. If they have 1 minute of information on your landing page, where would they go then?

Most people would go to your Knowledge Base documentation with practical use cases.

In fact, a Knowledge Base is the most critical factor in your support system. Why? Because people want answers and they want it now. A well-documented knowledge base is the fastest method of getting answers to a user’s problems. With Helpie’s fantastic search, your users will be pretty thrilled.

Knowledge Base is part customer support, part marketing

Did you know that advanced users make a decision based on your knowledge base? Why? Because, these people are not interested in being marketed to, they prefer to dig deep and find things they want. Marketing buzzwords don’t appeal to them; they look for the domain/industry knowledge from your product. That’s why they are impressed with a good knowledge base.

Internal Knowledge Base Wiki

  1. Speed up company’s information flow
    Elon Musk once sent an email to his Tesla staff about how information flow inside their organization was crucial to their success. No kidding, whenever you have a team of people with different expertise, collaborating on different levels, it’s pretty essential to have the ability to share information quickly and efficiently. In the modern IT industry, information and distribution of information is gold.
  1. Train new employee’s faster
    Hiring is hard; training is harder. Especially with so much demand for top talent and lack of enough skilled people for crucial roles, you might have to rely strongly on your training program. Training on basic skills can be standardized but what about the specific skills that your experts have developed over the years?Helpie can help you here too. You can use your WordPress Knowledge Base to impart the knowledge of your experts directly to your trainees.This saves hours of your experts’ time and years spent on learning curve productivity loss for your recruits.
  1. Encourage thought leaders in your company
    In the quest to find the 10x programmer, most researchers agree that the 10x programmer is the one who can teach other programmers to be more productive.This goes for marketers, managers, team leaders, etc. Helpie’s KB is an excellent way for these people to become thought-leaders inside your organization for a specific domain and help others grow as well.Thus your organization gets more out of your best people without having to tax them and at the same time helping them get recognized and appreciated.
  1. Internal Research
    Helpie WP Knowledge Base plugin is an excellent tool for you to collect, store and use your research data. You can use Helpie to store user research, market research and other research information that is accessible by specific people inside your organization.

Helpie’s tools to help your business grow

1. Power-Packed Search: Helpie comes with a kickass inbuilt search. Here are what’s under the hood.

2. Partial Match: The search returns partial match of the keyword you enter in the search box.

3. Tag Match: The search returns tags from your search, the partial match applies even here. So articles with partially matched tags also appear in your suggestions and search results.

4. Content Prioritization Algorithm: The search suggestions and results are sorted by a keyword weight score given based on the number of times a keyword recurs and its position in the content.

5. Voting: Helpie KB comes with a couple of voting system types. You can choose between classic voting and emo-voting.

Classic voting: Your users can like/dislike the article.

Emo Voting: Your users can share their emotions like ‘love’, ‘happy’, ‘meh’ or ‘angry’. The emo voting is very helpful for end-user documentation to assess the emotions of your users. For example, you can monitor which features your article talks about that get more ‘love’, etc.

6. Insights: This would be the most powerful of Helpie’s feature. Helpie’s Insights shows you the important metrics of your knowledge base. These are not just any metrics but specific actionable metrics that you can use to improve your knowledge base to be very effective. Here’s what Helpie’s Insights show you:

7. User Happiness: Helpie KB’s Insight features measures your users’ happiness based on user voting. You can find your

  • Overall user happiness score: It’s a measure of the common prevailing sentiment of your users.
  • Most happy users: You can find these people and get them to be your product’s evangelists.
  • Most unhappy users: Many entrepreneurs will tell you that the most you can learn about how to improve your product are through your most unhappy users.

8. Search Insights: In the search insights, you will see the most frequently searched terms. This is an excellent way to find missing information in your Knowledge Base or even the most sought-after feature.

9. Article Insights: You can see which article is most popular or which is most unpopular among your users.

Helpie is frequently updated with more features and has an excellent support. You can also try a free demo from their website.