WordPress is an open-source website creation tool and easily the most powerful website Content Management System (CMS) available today. It is flexible enough and easy to use for just about any of kind of website. Owing to its flexible and easy-to-use nature, WordPress has grown so much in popularity that today around 22.5% of websites on the internet are powered by it. Many of the top brands including Time Magazine, CNN, The New York Times, eBay and more have their website built on WordPress.

To run WordPress, one needs a domain name and the best web hosting for WordPress out of all the available options. However, to enhance user experience, a careful selection from the plugins available plays an important role. Starting up a WordPress website or a blog is exciting, and while designing one, you should focus on delivering unsurpassed user experience. Failing to do so, can leave a negative impact on your brand. Also, with a good number of plugins available, choosing the most appropriate one can be a daunting task.

In this post, we have listed six excellent WordPress Plugins that will help create a good user experience for your website. Take a look!

  1. W3 Total Cache

Trusted by the majority of popular blogs, W3 Total Cache is a fantastic plugin that can significantly enhance the user experience by loading the pages faster through caching. To add to its functionality, this plugin provides Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration which decreases the load on your server by storing images on another network.

The faster the website loads, the better the user experience, ranking, and conversion.

  1. Provide Support Live Chat

Enabling your visitors to get in touch instantly with the support team whenever they need assistance, this plugin will satisfy even the most demanding users. This easy-to-install plugin will bring life to your site while offering genuine support to all your visitors with any queries they may have. In addition, this plugin also allows you to build stat reports, real time monitoring and more.

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Wondering about the connection between user experience and SEO? Well, it is vital if you want to get the attention of users towards your site. This plugin will help you write content keeping a specific keyword in mind. This will result in creating content that is unique and focused and is also likely to be easily understandable. Also, with a better SEO ranking, your content will be easily found on the web and is more likely to be shared and linked. This results in a higher ranking of your pages.

In short, SEO ensures that the content of your site is optimized for top search engines such as Google and Bing; and focused content will help in enhancing your reader’s experience.

  1. Broken Link Checker

Since early days of the web, broken links have hampered user experience and continue to do same, even today. Broken Link Checker helps to improve the experience of both crawlers and users. This easy-to-use plugin reduces link maintenance time and is an approachable way to find broken links (if any). Other features offered by this plugin include – detecting non-working links, missing images, preventing search engines from following broken links and an option to edit links directly from the plugins page.

  1. WP Touch

Converting your WordPress website to a mobile-friendly version has become a sensible choice in today’s mobile driven world. Powered by AJAX, this plugin enables you to create a mobile-friendly version of your website. Though the free version is good enough for beginners, the premium version offers an impressive admin panel, choice of themes and support as well.

  1. WP Sticky Menu Plugin

Website navigation plays a major role in enhancing user experience.  Forcing the user to browse up and down to access the navigation menu can lead to frustration. This is where the WP Sticky Menu Plugin can prove to be helpful. This plugin keeps the navigation menu visible even when the user is scrolling a web page. It comes loaded with different animation effects and styling options to help you in customizing it according to the theme of your website.

Ensuring a stellar user experience for your visitors should be your prime aim as a website owner. The above listed WordPress plugins will help you do the same. You may also browse through the other available options. However, when you start narrowing down the options, always keep in mind that functionality and user experience as the two primary things to consider. If the plugin you choose helps you achieve these two, you might just have yourself a winner.