These days, a necessary tool of the trade for both professional and amateur visual artists, such as graphic designers, web developers, photographers, digital artists, etc. The word portfolio simply means a bag for carrying loose papers but it has many meanings depending on how it is used. A WordPress portfolio theme is the perfect way to showcase your artwork, photography, or anything visual you want to show off.

WordPress is great for portfolios because it is an open source platform, ready to be downloaded and used anytime. There are a lot of fine, great and cool designs you can search on the internet, for free or you can purchase one if you can. And every theme has something to offer. So, in this free WordPress portfolio theme roundup, we’ve gathered up 15 free WordPress gallery themes for you to use.

This post is continuously updated with more useful WordPress portfolio themes and all links are checked! If you’re interested in more free WordPress themes, check out these posts: Free Responsive WordPress Themes, Unique Credit Card Designs Ideas, Excellent Admin Bar WordPress Plugins and Useful Night Vectors for Designers.

1. Panoramica


2. Visual


3. Workality Lite

Workality Lite

4. Grid Theme

Grid Theme

5. Rasputin


6. SemPress


7. Illustrious


8. Sharpfolio


9. Imbalance 2

Imbalance 2

10. Suburbia


11. Hatch


12. Ideation and Intent

Ideation and Intent

13. AutoFocus


14. Mixfolio


15. Minimal Theme

Minimal Theme

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.