In a world where fast, free, and functional are the key elements of popular technology, it comes as no surprise that WordPress has reached such a high level of fame. When a platform enables someone with no technical know-how whatsoever to get all the benefits of starting their own business, in an amazingly easy and intuitive way, you can be sure it will be around for a long time.

How to find out what WordPress theme a site is using

The fastest way of finding out the theme installed on a WordPress website is to use an online WordPress theme detector. This will give you instant results and you won’t have to download or install the program to use it.

The easy way

Before you start, you should have a website that you want to analyze in mind and open this site in your internet browser.

1. Select and copy the URL of the desired WordPress website

2. Go to

3. Paste the site’s address in the search box found on the homepage

4. Press the search button

You can now see all the details of the examined website, including the name and website of the theme’s author and all the plugins active on the site.

The more complicated way

There is also another way of finding out what theme is used on a WordPress site. This method requires some coding knowledge and it may not work for everyone, so if you have the option, I would stick with the online WordPress theme detector.

  1. First, open a WordPress powered website in your Google Chrome browser
  2. Next, right click and select Inspect to reveal the page’s source code
  3. You should now find the css file. To do this faster, use the Ctrl – F keyboard shortcut and write style.css in the box
  4. Now, select the entire URL containing this file and copy it
  5. Paste it in the address bar of a new browser tab

The name of the theme used by the chosen website should now be displayed on the top of the newly opened page.

As you can see, this method is more complicated and could vary according to the browser you’re using.

The value of WordPress plugins

Using a WordPress theme detector is not limited to finding a website’s theme, but also its plugins. This additional detail can prove to be more useful that it initially appears.

So why should you want to know what plugins are best to use?

Plugins can significantly increase the functionality of your site. They can also reduce the time you spend optimizing your website. There’s a plugin out there for anything you can think of, from SEO to strengthening your security and help with your WooCommerce strategy. You name it, WordPress has it.

Why you should care about what WordPress theme you install on your website

You might be tempted to think that, as long as you are providing a great service or top notch products, nobody will care about how your site looks. In fact, the way a site looks is one of the most important things to consider when designing a site for your business. Why? You may ask. The answer to that question can be summed up by the following two major reasons.

  • Professionalism

You want your website to look professional and inspire trust. This is highly dependent on what theme it’s using. For this reason, it is important to make the right decision when choosing whether the WordPress theme you are planning to install should be a Premium one or if a minimalist approach can be suitable for your site, thus enabling you to reduce costs by using a free theme.

You should always keep in mind the feeling you want your business to express. For a more serious enterprise, you should consider getting a Premium theme. These WordPress themes are optimized by professionals, for the specific needs of users who employ them. This kind of theme usually offers great support and can be adapted to any business.

Reaching a larger number of users can also be achieved by choosing the right WordPress theme.

  • Credibility

Just imagine you are going to the bank to have a talk about a loan. You sit down at the desk and out comes a man with tangled hair, dusty shoes and a wrinkled shirt that doesn’t match his pants.

Is your first impulse to be interested in carrying out a conversation with this man? Or maybe you would prefer to reschedule for next Monday when you know that lady who always greets you with a smile will be available…

9 out of ten people will choose the latter, without even considering the usefulness of the information they went to the bank to get in the first place.

This example illustrates just how much image matters. And it doesn’t stop with human interaction. We see the same kind of behavior when a user accesses a website and sees how it looks. The user will instantly be influenced from the second they lay eyes on the page’s loading screen. Everything is important here. From the colors used on the page to the loading speed and popups, every little detail should be very well implemented so as to bring you the results you want to achieve.

  • Brand Quality

As far as your clients are concerned, the quality of the site starts with the first thing they see on the page they access. And it is imperative that they associate your brand with a high-quality provider that they can trust.

In Conclusion

WordPress and everything it has to offer is simply inspiring, and inspiration is key to creating a thriving online business. Whether it’s a hobby blog or a mega corporation website, you have to put your best foot forward every time a user visits your WordPress website.

Since the internet is constantly changing and improving everything it relates to, you have to always stay on top of your research and constantly discover new things to implement so as to have continual success. So no matter if your preferred technique is using an online WordPress theme detector, or not, you should conduct your investigation with attention to detail and open-mindedness. Who knows where the next brilliant idea will pop out from?