When building a professional WordPress site, one of the most difficult steps is choosing the perfect theme. If you have strong web design skills, you might be able to code your way to something appealing, but for the rest of us, the preset themes will have to do. Luckily, there really is something out there for everyone if you know what to look for.

For those setting up a finance website, these 4 WordPress themes offer a modern appearance, ample features, and key technology integration to keep your business running smoothly. Check them out today.

Welcome Everyone in With Atrium

If you had a physical office building (and maybe you do), the first space that clients would see is your atrium – the open, welcoming space meant to make a great initial impression. With the one page Atrium theme for WordPress, you can do the same thing online.

Atrium is a highly responsive page theme designed with the mobile finance professional in mind. It’s minimalistic, uses bold colors, and offers up just the key details – a first impression that will have your phone ringing off the hook with new clients.

Center Service With Jevelin

Anyone who works in finance knows that a comprehensive finance site needs to offer serious integration options such as widgets, shopping carts, and video – Jevelin covers all those points. Perfect for growing your brand credentials, Jevelin lets you highlight portfolio points, categorize products, and do it all quickly using a variety of in-house shortcode options. This is corporate design made easy.

Master The Video Pitch With Hoxa

Many people working in the finance industry offer consulting services – they’re people like millionaire consulting expert Sam Ovens who know the power of a great pitch. What lies behind such a pitch? It’s almost always the human factor and online that translates to video. That makes great video integration and editing a must-have for your business’s WordPress theme.

For those looking to merge these key features, we recommend Hoxa, a great theme with strong customer support and a core set of attractive layouts. Hoxa is already catching on in the business world, but since it’s only in version 1.9.3 with numerous updates to come, expect even more options to emerge in the coming months.

Be First In Finance With GoodLayers

GoodLayers is a force to be reckoned with in the WordPress world, creating such major themes as Mega Project, Hotel Master, and The Keynote, and their finance-focused theme, Finanza, is no exception.

Available since 2015, Finanza has climbed the rankings to be a top WordPress theme in business and finance and it features parallax design, the valuable Master Slider tool (normally sold separately), and is WooCommerce compatible a must for business. You can’t go wrong with a GoodLayers powered theme.

Every business needs something a little different when it comes to web design, but luckily, when you combine diverse themes with the wide array of plugins and personalized tweaks on the market, there’s no reason any two pages should be the same.

A shared base is just that – you share a foundation, a field. What you make of that, though, is up to you.