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Hello, nice to see you here for knowing about myself and tutorialchip. I cordially welcome you at tutorialchip.

TutorialChip is a blog dedicated to web developers, designers, bloggers and the users who are interested to learn and know about technologies related to web.

I am Qamar from Pakistan. I am Software Engineer by profession and love to code PHP and MySql. Other fields of interest are web designing/development by using a variety of tools – such as CSS, HTML, XML, jQuery, Ajax, Adobe Flash, Photoshop and others. WordPress is my favorite blogging platform.

Purpose of TutorialChip is to share my programming and designing experience with you. I will try my best to provide you easy, professional and scalable solutions regarding to web development and designing in the form of tutorials and informative articles. We will learn together at the platform of tutorialchip.

I believe in friendship and warmly welcome you at,

Enjoy tutorials and articles and leave your thoughts at comments too to help me make this site better. Take a very good care of yourself.