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advantages of php

Advantages of PHP Programming

Rasmus Lerdorf wrote the first PHP – first called Personal Home Page – scripts as a series of Perl scripts that he used to track visitors to his webpage and to see who was viewing …Continue

Creating an API-Centric Web Application

20 Best PHP Tutorials To Boost Your Skills

PHP is the best language for developing dynamic web pages available today. It is the general-purpose scripting language which is similar to other scripting language such as JavaScript, Ruby, Python etc. If you’re new to …Continue

WampServer Installation Guide

WAMP Server Installation Guide for Windows 7 32/64 Bits

WAMP (Windows, Apache, mySQL, PHP) is all in one packages which installs the basic programs, you will need to get a localhost running and to be able to build and run PHP scripts. We have …Continue

php open source cms

24 Well Known and Best PHP Open Source CMS

Open source content management software system presents an attractive option for companies looking for a straightforward solution to a common problem. However, traditional methods of software selection are less helpful in evaluating open source than …Continue

Public Methods Concept of PHP5 Classes

Public Methods: Concept of PHP5 Classes

This tutorial is really delayed in PHP5 OOP Series due to important updates of TutorialChip freebies and premium products like Chip Life WordPress theme, Chip Prism Under Construction Template and others. However i have managed …Continue

Check boxes and hand with pen

Invoking an Overridden Method: PHP5 OOP Series

I am trying my best to deliver Object Oriented Concepts of PHP5 in a simple, sequential and understandable way for the every visitor of TutorialChip. This article is also the part of PHP5 OOP series. …Continue

PHP Class Inheritance

PHP Class Inheritance Constructor: You Should Know

Inheritance is very powerful and useful OOP concept that gives flexibility and re-usability to the code in an efficient way. I am going to write about Constructors and Inheritance in this tutorial, and reading of my …Continue

PHP5 Class Inheritance Basics

PHP5 Class Inheritance Basics

I am going to write a tutorial which will help you to understand the concept of PHP5 class inheritance. If you want to get a solid grip on PHP5 OOP concepts, than i will recommend …Continue

PHP Primitive Types

PHP Primitive Types and Checking Functions Tutorial

The post is a part of OOP series tutorials, so it might be useful for you to visit PHP5 – OOP articles. I am going to share knowledge about php primitive data types which are …Continue

PHP Magic Constants

PHP Magic Constants: Usage and Debugging with Examples

Constants play an important role for writing different PHP scripts. I believe, it is very good and professional approach to design any PHP script in a way that can easily be configured on different environments …Continue