32 Best Free Horror Fonts

Typography plays an important role and is an integral part of any design; be it print or web. Picking the right fonts for your design is very important and it is not as easy as it sounds. There are plenty of free fonts available around the web, Some font styles like horror. So, today I am unlocking 32 cool free horror fonts which encompass scary Halloween font, Blood font, Spider web font, bold Zombie font, Monster font and many more. These horror fonts are mostly used in horror movie posters and novels or science fiction themed designs or books illustrations etc. If you like this post, share it with your friends through email and social networks.

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1. Bloodthirsty Font

Bloodthirsty Font

2. Zombified


3. Brutal Tooth Font

Brutal Tooth Font

4. Nemo Nightmares Font

Nemo Nightmares Font

5. Jellyka Castle’s Queen

Jellyka Castle's Queen

6. Grunt Reaper Font

Grunt Reaper Font

7. No Fear Font

No Fear Font

8. Black Widow

Black Widow

9. A Lolita Scorned Font

A Lolita Scorned Font

10. Gypsy Curse Font

Gypsy Curse Font

11. Zombie Holocaust

Zombie Holocaust

12. Groovy Ghosties Font

Groovy Ghosties Font

13. Beware of the Hogs Font

Beware of the Hogs Font

14. October Crow

October Crow

15. Kreepshow Frigid Font

Kreepshow Frigid Font

16. Ghastly Panic Font

Ghastly Panic Font

17. Horror23 Regular

Horror23 Regular

18. Black Asylum Font

Black Asylum Font

19. Bloody


20. Goodnight Freak Font

Goodnight Freak Font

21. Ghost Reverie Font

Ghost Reverie Font

22. Nightbird


23. DK Mothman Font

DK Mothman Font

24. Bates Shower

Bates Shower

25. HoMicIDE EFfeCt Font

HoMicIDE EFfeCt Font

26. Ninja Turtle

Ninja Turtle

27. 4 DOGS Font

4 DOGS Font

28. Fuehrer Font

Fuehrer Font

29. Spiders Font

Spiders Font

30. Insanity Font

Insanity Font

31. Organic Fear Font

Organic Fear Font

32. The Biz Font

The Biz Font

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