Being a successful blogger requires a lot of different skills. While outsiders may think it’s as easy as writing a few words, sharing on Facebook, and attracting advertising revenue, there’s a lot more that goes into it than simply sitting behind a keyboard and pecking away.

And while nobody talks about it much, there’s plenty of proof that personality plays a direct role in the success of bloggers. Specifically, there’s evidence to suggest that introverts make the best bloggers

Here’s Why Introverts are Successful Bloggers

When you think about introverts, words like “quiet,” “reserved,” and “secluded” come to mind. Interestingly, you should also throw in the term “successful blogger.”

Here are a few of the reasons behind why introverted individuals often make such great bloggers.

1. Introverts Possess Two Key Skills

As an introvert, it’s easy to feel inferior. For some reason, people subconsciously add a negative inflection or connotation when they use the word. But the truth is, while extroversion is praised in modern society, there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert. In fact, roughly half of the population identifies this way.

As an introvert, it’s important that you recognize the two key skills you possess: superior critical thinking and better listening. When it comes to blogging, you can use both of these to your advantage. Critical thinking allows you to research and analyze topics prior to writing and publishing – which leads to better quality work. Listening skills allow you to understand your audience and hone in on what they really want to read.

2.  Introverts are Sensitive

Introverts tend to be more sensitive than extroverts. This is because you spend more time reflecting on your own thoughts and paying attention to your feelings. Since readers are looking for emotional connections with people, your ability to recognize what’s happening beneath the surface allows you to connect with your audience in tangible ways.

3. Introverts Recharge by Being Alone

“Extroverts recharge their energy by being around other people and social interactions while being alone drains them,” blogger Chris Haigh says. “Introverts are simply the opposite. Social interactions, however fun and awesome which they are, drain our battery limit and so we need alone time or relaxation time to charge ourselves up again.”

The number one reason why most people don’t want to work from home is that they’re afraid of feeling bored or lonely. After all, when you’re in a traditional office environment, you have co-workers to interact with. At home, it’s probably just you and your dog. Well, the fact that it’s just you and your dog is actually a good thing for introverts – it makes blogging from home the perfect job!

4. Introverts are Better Writers

Introverts tend to be better writers. This is simply because introverts tend to bottle things up inside. Whereas the average person notices something and then immediately begins talking about it, the introvert notices something and then thinks about it for minutes, hours, or days. They then wait until it’s fully digested before they do anything with the thought.

In blogging, this patience is a good thing. It leads to better-developed and articulated thoughts that others find useful and entertaining. It also keeps you out of trouble, since introverts rarely say rash things that could be construed as offensive or inaccurate.

The Rise of Introverted Bloggers

As the profitability of blogging becomes more understood and recognized, we’re seeing more and more bloggers gravitating towards this career niche. By no means is it easy to make a living by being a blogger, but introverts have a leg up on the competition.

If you’ve never considered the viability of blogging, perhaps it’s time to think again.