Miami has always been a place that people flock to. With year-round sunshine, an electric atmosphere and a culture that is unparalleled, this city has always been one of the popular in terms of visiting and living.

And ever since the pandemic started last year, it seems that more people than ever before have been flocking here. With millions of people in this waterfront city, it has also become one of the best places to advertise.

While digital advertising is an important component of any brand’s marketing strategy, Miami billboards should be prioritized because they can really help elevate any campaign and capture the attention of millions of people.

With a range of incredible places to advertise, including on the water, near the port and within the numerous sports stadiums, there are plenty of locations to choose from to hire out your next billboard.

Location is one of the most important factors when it comes to a billboard campaign. You will want to ensure that the location and your message match up and is seen by the right people. So to help you decide where to place your next billboard advertisement in Miami, we’ve rounded up the best billboards Miami has to offer you!

1. Floating billboards

Yes, it is totally a thing and we are obsessed with the fact that you can advertise your brand on a floating billboard that cruises past the most crowded Miami beaches. This is something that is very unique to the city and is one of the best spots to do it. Think about it, not only does it capture a large audience who are relaxing and looking out directly in the direction of your billboard, but offers something eye-catching in terms of billboard placement and will definitely make people look twice. It is no surprise that floating billboards are on the rise in Miami and that it is quickly turning the waterfront area of the city into another Times Square, except rather than taking over high-rises they are taking over the waterfront.

2. Wallscapes

Miami not only has the beach scene, but they also have the city scene too. Especially with the growth of so many former Silicon Valley companies moving their offices to Florida, there are a range of budding skyscrapers that offer prime real estate for billboards. Brands can take over multiple stories of buildings with their billboard plastered on the side, which not only provides a larger than life advertisement but provides an aesthetically pleasing pop of color to Miami’s concrete jungle too. These billboards are great because there is both high foot traffic amongst pedestrians here as well as many highways that drivers can see these billboards from.

3. The Hard Rock Stadium

Sports arenas are one of the best places to run a billboard campaign, and one of the best billboards spots in Miami just happens to be the Hard Rock Stadium. Home to both concerts and sporting games, thousands of people flock into this arena and are there for hours on end, meaning that the impressions on your billboard will be huge. It also offers a fun opportunity to run an advertisement that is really catered to a specific crowd—such as Miami Dolphins fans. Being personable will do your brand wonders and make them more engaged with your billboard and knowing what type of people will be at this arena is a huge advantage when creating your campaign.

4. The Miami International Airport

Miami is a hub for both domestic and international airlines around the world. And with this comes an enormous airport with lots of space to run a billboard campaign. With the arrivals and departures halls a prime spot to capture people’s attention, it is no wonder that all the top brands tend to compete for billboard space here.

5. The numerous college campuses

 Miami is not only a hub for tourism but is also a hub for students and universities. With five major colleges, the space for billboard campaigns on campus provides an exciting chance to engage with the next generation of consumers your brand will likely want to engage with. These locations also offer you a chance to run more modern and youthful campaigns, with humor that college kids will appreciate!

Miami is a city of many opportunities, especially when it comes to running billboard advertisements all over the city. Some of the best billboards the city offers are on the waterfront, on college campuses, in airports and around sports stadiums. Which one will you choose?