Website design is very important. Between the look and feel of a website and its functionality and ease of access, there’s a lot of unseen effort that goes into making a website a pleasurable experience for users. But, a number of big websites, just like their counterparts in “meatspace” follow a few safe trends in design so that everything ends up looking kind of the same.

There are plenty of ways companies stick to these safe, boring trends, so there plenty of ways to make your website stick out from the crowd. When it comes to winning over your customers and visitors, these are all very important aspects to manage and perfect.

First and foremost, have you noticed how blue is a really popular color? Think about it: Facebook, Twitter, WalMart, to name a few. And, for good reason; blue tends to have a calming effect and boost creativity. Likewise, red is popular for a similarly psychological reason; the color red has an emotional impact that encourage impulsive behavior.

(Think of Target) So, what better way to set yourself apart than by flying a flag, so to speak, of a different color? Purple, for instance. Really, any color that looks nice to you can be the overarching symbol of your website. Something as simple as the color and size of the fonts can be the difference between engaging your users and sending them packing. The goal is to achieve a minimal bounce rate from all of your visitors. Bounce rate is the percentage of people that come to your site on one page and then leave before going to another page. This essentially gauges their interest in your overall site.

Fonts are another element that can be used to differentiate yourself from the masses. Think of how similar Facebook’s and Tumblr’s logos are. Consider heavily your choice of font carefully. Something with seraphs is sure to please, but there are endless choices in this department. Don’t be worried about trying out new fonts to see which ones are more effective..sometimes a little trial and error can go a long way. Just try to avoid the universally maligned Comic Sans.Unless, of course, your website is structured to resemble a comic book, in which case, go right ahead.

Lastly, photography can help you make a unique impression on visitors. As corny as it sounds, pictures of people can add a personal touch that’s hard to beat. So, you can take some classy photos or ordinary people in ordinary clothes doing ordinary things to channel that personal element. There’s also the option of using your own image to give your website the ultimate personal touch.

After all, look at what Mark Zuckerberg is to Facebook. People like putting a face to the name. Whatever the case, make sure your models, or you, personally, look their best by shopping with an outlet like Torrid. Now, take what you’ve learned here to make your website a unique online presence.