Are you a designer who designs websites for clients? If yes, you would know that your toolbox should always be ready because you never know which client will have what requirements. It is a wise thing to have at least a small collection of logos, graphics, and of course website templates handy to show them to a client and discuss things out. Obviously you can tweak them or design something totally new from the ground up as per your client’s requirements but showcasing him a part of your collection will show professionalism on your part and will cast a good impression.

So if you are in need of a collection of WordPress templates then we have good tidings for you. DX Themes is very kindly giving away more than 50 of its WordPress themes worth $714 at only $27.  Which means you are saving $687 and getting a discount of whooping 96%! This offer is limited only for a few days so be quick to make the move.

Here are some of the features of these templates:

30+ are responsive designs – A responsive design means that your template will “respond” in the correct way to all devices like computers, tablets, or smartphones i.e. it will automatically adjust its resolution as per your device’s screen dimensions. So you don’t need to create another template for a tablet or another one for a smartphone. One template will work for all.

SEO friendly – All the templates are designed with search engine optimization in mind. So you will face no difficulty in adding your SEO tools to the template. This ensures you get a lot of love from that search engine giant – Google.

Commercial license – All these templates come with a commercial license which means you are free to use them on your own website or on your clients’ websites. No limits are imposed on the number of times you can use the same template.

So go and check this DX Themes template collection and drop in a comment below telling me what you think.

I leave you with some images of the templates.

What are you waiting for? Grab it now.