Anybody who has tried writing an e-book knows how tedious the process is. I mean even if you are planning to publish it as a simple PDF, you need to take care of formatting and fonts and headings and all. And if you are trying to convert it into the Kindle format or iBooks the things get really messy. And still the final result is not very much pleasing to the eye.

Here is where FlippingBook enters the game. FlippingBook is helping people publish excellently designed and formatted publications since 2004. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in the development of interactive applications. The catch is in the word “interactive”. No I am not referring to the use of some hyperlinked text here and there. I’ll explain.

Take a look at the image above. This screenshot was taken when I clicked to turn the page of a magazine created by FlippingBook and the page was in the turning phase.

Now see the image below. This screenshot was taken when the page had completely turned.

You get the idea? See what I mean by interactive?

This is the power you get after using FlippingBook. Your publication comes alive on screen. These are some things you can never achieve with a PDF or a Kindle version. You can create online magazines with the tool.

Some of the important features of FlippingBook are as discussed below.

Multiple devices supported

FlippingBook uses integrated support of the new HTML5 standard. This implies that your publications can be read on any device whether that be an iPhone, an Android device, an iPad, tablet or e-reader.

Anyone can use it

The software can be used by any person whether he is working in an enterprise or is self employed. Entrepreneurs have the option of increasing their earnings by creating fully featured interactive catalogs which contain e-commerce features.

You also don’t need to have your own website to upload your publication. You can use for that.

Use your own branding

It is very necessary for brands to maintain a brand for themselves and ensure that their brand name is getting publicized through all their material. FlippingBook provides a lot of features for trademark distinguishing. Each publication can be unique from all others, due to detailed skin customization. And each publication can have a unique branding due to branding settings and White Label options.

Best for magazines

FlippingBooks is a very good choice for magazines which are on a tight budget. Their flexible offers and pricings allow people to choose between many different options.

But the prominent features of all these options remain the same. They have perfect quality publications, the option to be viewed on any device, easy content management, and unlimited number of issues. This last feature is worth a few more words. Unlimited issues means that once you have purchased the software you can use it to create any number of publications without paying any royalty fees.

The site is worth checking out. Go and take a look, try their free version and let me know what you feel in the comments below.