There are a lot of mistakes to make when it comes to managing your business’ finance.

The most common ones include:

  • Mixing personal and business bank accounts
  • Spending too much on inventory
  • Forgetting to set aside money for expenses or an emergency fund
  • Not having a system

The list goes on. Most all of these problems will be resolved simply by fixing one mistake.  Comprising all the others, not having the right financial software system is the biggest mistake you can make.

Using Mosaic Finance will implement the system you need to manage your business’ finances the right way.

Symptoms of No-System Business Owners

What if you are doing the right things and yet . . . things don’t seem to make sense?  The symptoms below can help you determine if you need a system or not:

  • The line between personal and professional is easily blurred
  • Payroll is either confusing or it’s a struggle to handle
  • There’s no distinction between gross income and net profit
  • The number of google sheets becomes overwhelming
  • Other financial documents become disorganized
  • All the clutter is another time-consuming task on your to-do list

If any of these describe you, it’s time to get your business finances organized!

Mosaic Finance

Mosaic Finance is a modern finance software platform that helps companies run their business strategically. Using a new piece of software might not seem like an ideal option right now, but if these describe you, you probably need to make the switch:

  • you don’t have the time to organize your business documents
  • you don’t have the money to pay someone else to do it

Mosaic Finance not only eliminates the need to organize your finances, but it consolidates all the data in one place, saving time and your tired brain.

Your New System: Mosaic Finance

If you don’t have a system in mind, Mosaic Finance can help.  With it, you can achieve more in less time than you would if you organized your business information without it.

With only 2 tools, Mosaic Finance offers a new way to handle business.  Implementing a system can change your business for the better.


Maybe you’ve gathered all the information on your business. But all the data is scattered across multiple excel sheets.  You can’t see them all at one time and it’s hard to know just exactly what is happening.  But with Mosaic’s analytics tool, everything begins to make more sense.

Everything in one place.  Mosaic integrates all your information into one place.  It connects your ERPs, CRM data, and HRIS to present real-time information.

Visualisation.  Mosaic provides graphs and tables to show you the financial health of your business. Now all the numbers are compared visually and things are a lot easier to see.

All in less time.  Mosaic is gathering all the data and automatically analyzing most of it while you’re sleeping!  Now you don’t have to spend countless hours organizing what matters.


Once all that information makes sense, you can finally begin to plan for the future.  Instead of handling the crisis when it happens, now you can handle it before it happens.

Forecasts.  All the data is gathered to predict possible scenarios.  You are no longer responsible for gathering information and it’s easier than ever to see where what is happening now might take your company.

Headcount.  Payroll is easier when everything is in one place.  Hiring is also easier when you can invite other teams to approve new hires.

Sharing.  Not only is everything created and imported easily, it can all be shared if needed.  The right people can have access to the right information.


Even if you have mastered managing your business’ finances, how long does it take to do it?  Do you have the right information and do you know what it means?  If you need to allocate time to other things, Mosaic Finance might be just the solution for you.

Once you have a system in place, things will flow a lot easier.