In this article you will find out how to make translation a part of your market penetration strategy and ensure its highest quality.

Going worldwide and penetrating international market is beneficial for any business, startup and company. In order to successfully do this and take your business to the next level some quality translation work is needed. Despite the fact that English is a global language, when reaching new markets, language aspect is of paramount importance.

Therefore, translating your website, marketing materials, blog and other written sources is required in order to gain client’s trust and make it easy for them to understand what your company is all about. Down below you will find out all the basics that you need to know about top-notch translation service and how to ensure its quality to help you penetrate global market. 

Reasons You Need Translation Services

Translating your website, application, marketing materials is extremely beneficial to achieve successful market penetration, boost sales and get higher user engagement. Here is the main reason it’s important for any business success. Clients prefer content on their native language.

Despite the fact that English is the most widely spoken language in the world and most people know it quite well, they still prefer reading content on their native tongue. While searching a certain product on the Internet 75% of people use native language for search queries. Therefore, hiring experts from a professional translation company is imperative to penetrate global market successfully.

Professional website translation will raise brand awareness, attract more international clients and allow them research about you, share feedback regarding your products or services. Based on your global clients’ feedback you can come up with new fresh ideas and work on improving your features to make your product or service more suitable and grow revenue.

Translating marketing materials will allow more people to find out about your company. Potential clients will find out not just about products and services you offer but will see your particular interest and personalized approach.

Translated materials are a great demonstration of your company culture and it allows to build trustworthy relationships with your future global customers. It’s mandatory to make sure all clients get the same message no matter what language they speak.

Optimizing your content for different markets also showcases interest in a certain target audience. Translated materials is a perfect way to connect with customers, increase loyalty and penetrate the market smoothly. Your business will become more appealing to global clients right away.

In addition, if your customers are able to research the info in the Internet and understand your product or service better, they will be more likely to stick to your brand and even choose it over national alternatives.

What is Translation Quality

Once you understand the importance of translating your website, mobile application and marketing materials while penetrating global market you have to understand what is quality translation as you have to know what to strive for.

For effective market penetration strategy your translation has to be:

  • Accurate. The meaning has to be fully conveyed and sentences should be consistent. 
  • Intended tone of voice has to be also recreated. 
  • Clear punctuation and grammar are required. Spelling has to be correct as well.
  • Appropriate. A translator has to eliminate ambiguity in word choice to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Clear. No awkward phrases or sentences are allowed. Everything has to be clear and easy-to-understand.

Generally, there are two levels of translation quality which are professional and informational quality. Professional translation quality is required for business purposes. It’s important when establishing communication with business partners, clients, translating legal and other official documents. Professional quality has to be maintained for website, mobile app or marketing materials translation. It’s mandatory for successful global market penetration. Translation has to be as precise and accurate as possible as it’s used for public usage.

In the second case, information quality is needed for internal purposes. The impeccable translation is not required and in order to understand the general meaning it’s possible to use machine translation tools. You can use tools to research international market, learn about competitors and so on.

How to Get Quality Translation

Whereas online machine translation tools will suffice to achieve information quality, you have to pay extra attention to hiring the right experts to work on professional translation. Only consistent, well-written content can attract and retain your potential global audience.

In order to get quality translation you have to find a trustworthy translation company that will satisfy all your requirements. And if you are in San Francisco for a business meeting and do not how to speak English, then it is best to hire a translation services in san Francisco for better communication during the meeting. Nowadays, there are plenty of translation services so in order to find the best dedicated team of professionals you have to consider the following aspects.

  1. Availability. In order to ensure the best results possible you have to be able to reach translators any time you need it.
  2. Knowledge of an industry or subject matter. While choosing a translation service make sure they are knowledgeable in the industry you work in so they can understand well the subject and provide high quality translation while conveying all the nuances.
  3. Experience. Make sure professionals have extensive experience in translation to ensure the best results. Perfect written command of both source and target languages is imperative.
  4. Cultural understanding. It’s an integral part for successful translation and understanding a culture of a target audience is required to convey the accurate meaning.
  5. Reviews. Before you choose a certain translation company, check out all the reviews of their customers to make sure they offer top-notch services.

To Sum It Up

Quality translation is an integral part of international market penetration. In order to make this process smooth, effective and successful it’s imperative to make sure your website translation is performed by qualified professionals, it’s accurate and explains well the services you provide. With these outstanding tips ensuring top-notch translation quality will be much easier.