Convenience is a commodity that every customer yearns for. The fact that a customer can get services or products within the shortest time without disregarding the optimization of quality will have many paying top-dollar to any company that can play the part. In fact, 86% of the modern-day customers are more than willing to pay more for an upgraded experience, according to the Huffington Post.

In the IT world, infrastructure automation is one of the major drivers of convenience. Not only does it affect functionality but also drive high-security levels throughout the entire industry. With the right levels of IT automation, your organization can enjoy putting more smiles on your customers’ faces.

Here is why you should embrace an automated IT infrastructure:

Reduced Costs 

In case you were to rely on a fully manual process when it comes to achieving the different tasks within your organization, the chances are that it will become costly to achieve them. Tasks such as server monitoring and log analysis are often redundant which can lead to your staff members feeling fatigued and borderline complacent. Additionally, this can lead to low employee retention rates as they move to other jobs that are more fulfilling.

Regardless of the initial high cost of implementing automated IT infrastructure, you can get to save a lot of cash and resources by choosing to walk this path. For instance, when using server configuration monitoring tools, you can free up employee time. This time can be used to cater to tasks that require the attention to detail that only the human eye can provide. Furthermore, the higher employee retention rates that come with automation and convenience means that you can steer away from the costly path of having to hire new staff members every once in a while.

Improved Collaboration 

Your customer expects nothing short of excellence from your organization and IT team members. As such, collaboration has a pivotal role in determining the success of your efforts. IT infrastructure automation makes collaboration between different IT teams easier for a more refined project.

For instance, if you are aiming for an agile approach towards patch management, automating your log analysis activities will ensure that you have a constant flow of information that will spearhead the operations. It also ensures that remote employees can access the data they need even during off-duty hours when the rest of the team might be away from the office.

Faster Updates 

While customers yearn for better and more efficient products, they despise applications that are filled with bugs. As a result, the efficiency at which you can release updates will draw the line between customers deleting your application or retaining it on their smartphones. With an automated infrastructure, releasing such updates will feel like a walk in the park.

Furthermore, identifying loopholes and vulnerabilities, as shown above, is also easier. This means more responsive and convenient application as well as improved customer gratification rates.

Improved Reliability 

A single downtime can easily derail your organization and result in major losses. With automation taking center stage role in how you run your organization, it can be easy to identify such downtime root causes from miles away. Constantly and consistently monitoring your systems’ health is not a task preserved for manual processes.

In case you are relying on human intervention, a single moment of distraction could mean the loss of data that could prevent a downtime. With the right infrastructure in place, you can receive reports on a daily basis to determine any deviation from the baseline performance of your IT infrastructure.


The expense of choosing automation is only but a small price to pay in exchange for the benefit galore. As long as you keep customers smiling, your business can keep on thriving. Consider automating your IT infrastructure as much as you can to embrace high customer satisfaction and efficiency levels.