Often the smallest social media management errors can result in huge losses for your clients and your social media agency. It might seem innocuous at the time, but that small error turns into a deadly sinkhole that sucks in your entire social media campaign.

That is why we want to discuss seven deadly social media marketing errors that could derail your business.

7 Deadly Social Media Management Errors to Avoid

1. Lax Security: Make sure your clients’ accounts are secured. Hackers are feasting at the chance to get into corporate accounts. Do not make it easy for them with a lax password.

Last year, phishing scams cost companies $5.9 Billion over 500,000 separate incidents. A good number of these scams happen through Facebook and Twitter.

What can companies do?

First, identify your process so no consumer gets caught in a hackers’ snare.

Second, protect your own account by changing up your password from time to time. If more than one person requires the company social media passwords, then change it whenever someone leaves the company.

The worst thing is for your company to have a third party poster putting disparaging remarks on your social media accounts.

2. Copying Content: Do not just copy and paste other people’s content for your clients’ social media strategy.

First, it could violate copyright laws if done incorrectly. Second, no one wants to see the same content everywhere.

Therefore, it is imperative as a social media management company that you create original content for your clients. It helps them get more business, and provide you with successful case studies for future business opportunities.

While it is more work, copying content is less effective for business.

3. No religion and politics on social media: This is not your family dinner table. Therefore, you should avoid posting about religious or political items that could get your client into trouble.

Most companies have a diverse customer base with many different political and religious beliefs. While supporting one belief might endear you to some clients, it might alienate others.

Therefore, your best bet is to steer clear of politics and religion altogether and focus on your business.

4. No buying friends: A few years ago, buying friends or followers was all the rage on social media. However, it was a dumb idea then, and a horrible idea now. Many networks like Facebook and Twitter banned this practice, because it created a number of junk, spam accounts that provided no value and took up server space.

Furthermore, it is false advertising to tell your customers that you have 100,000 fans when in reality you only have 20 real human fans and 99,980 robot accounts following your social networks.

Most of the companies that sell these fake friends usually have them from accounts in third world countries where all the users do is follow thousands of fan pages.

5. Track progress: If you do not track your progress, more than likely you will never learn enough to earn money from your social media efforts. It takes time to build your traffic on social media.

That is why it is so crucial for you to monitor your progress on social media. It provides a gauge to understand what you are doing right and wrong.

Otherwise, you just waste time reading your newsfeed.

6. Inconsistent: Make sure that you explain to your clients that this is not a 1-month deal. Far too often businesses get it into their heads that they will invest in social media and expect an ROI within 2-3 months.

Not doable. Instead, you need to focus on creating long-term value for your clients. Let them know after the second month that you are on course. Then keep moving. Every time you stop, it just slows down their results.

7. No CTA: Just because you should not stop your campaigns, does not mean you should not stop to evaluate how your campaign drives conversions for the business. Your social media management company does need to provide results. That is why you need to focus on sending traffic to your clients’ website.

Have a number of strong call-to-actions (CTA) that let customers know how you can help them with your premium services.

A good CTA on social media can be as simple as “buy my products” or “learn more at:” along with the link to the website.

By focusing on improving your CTA, you have the potential to increase sales dramatically. That is because most social media management firms help companies get engagement, but do not ask social media contacts for the sale. A CTA gets rid of that problem.

Final Thoughts

Every company makes errors on social media when they first start. It is part of the reason why we put this article together. To help social media management companies who are struggling with their clients’ social media ROI.