From the countless options available in the market to get a website, there a few that stand out: hiring a programmer, using drag & drop builders and using SITE123. Sounds awkward to include SITE123 (company) along with “hiring a programmer” (action) and drag & drop builders (product type)? You will see why in a moment..

It All Starts With a Conscious Choice

First, let’s see when each of the options should be used. Then, we will go over why SITE123 is the best option to go with in most cases. There are plenty of reasons for which people and businesses make websites. Companies often want to develop their business through the digital world and people many times want to use websites to share their ideas, personal projects, causes and much more.

Starting by the first possibility we mentioned, hiring a programmer, it’s often obsolete to hire someone to develop code for a website. Most traditional website objectives can be achieved without having all the work of hiring a programmer, going over the details, making changes and so on. Plus, it can get really expensive if you use this option for a relatively simple project. Unless you need complex functions on your website such as dedicated interfaces, complex intranet, etc., there’s no point in hiring a programmer.

Second possibility is using drag & drop builders. For the DIY kind of person, it starts to get fun here. This kind of website builder allows you to move your stuff around and place everything just where you want it. You usually don’t need coding skills to use drag & drop builders but they may require some designing capabilities. The downside of this type of tool is that you may spend hours and even days moving stuff around just to make sure every element of your website is aligned, centered and matching.

Last but not least, is SITE123. Given that you don’t have to move things around or worry about your design too much, it is probably the most straightforward tool for building a website. SITE123 is a free website builder that guides you from the beginning until the end in the process of making your website. The interface takes you through the steps very smoothly and when you realize, your website is almost ready, right in front of you. And that’s why we placed it among the best options to build a website. That is… If not the best ever.


Since we cannot affirm it explicitly like that, just because of the grammar aspects (you shouldn’t generalize something), we take a decimal point out from their rating. Let’s give grammar some recognition and give SITE123 a symbolic 4.9 overall rating. However, what it really scores in the end is the following.

Comparing it to other website building options, SITE123 stands out. It’s not hard to see that it saves you tons of time and effort, while yielding great results. On the above chart, each aspect of it deserves a 5 star rating. To see why, we’ll dive a little deeper into its features.

Ease of Use

SITE123 is probably one of the most user-friendly website builders. With a few clicks you create your website, then with a few more clicks you add your content, edit something and done.

Feature Set and Flexibility

  • SITE123 Editor – with simple interface, the menu guides the user through each important aspect of building a website. The ease of use makes it seem like one is just creating a social media profile.
  • Blogging – the platform allows you to blog within the website builder itself. This way, you can write your posts while checking and tweaking your website.
  • Ecommerce – for small and medium online stores. With efficiently manageable order list, SITE123 ecommerce brings absolutely no stress. Market your products, receive payments and enjoy the process.
  • Mobile responsive – every single website built on the platform adapts to whatever device a visitor may use. From mobile phones to old school desktop computers, the websites created on SITE123 are responsive in every single gadget.
  • SITE123 for designers – professionals that already work in the web design space can also benefit largely from this website builder. Since it offers very eye-catching layouts and saves time by putting everything in place, it is a great tools for designers to get more done in less time.
  • SEO – pages built on SITE123 reach high spots in search ranks very commonly. They are programmed to meet Google and other search engines requirements. If you run a local business, rest assure you will see your website on the top results when someone searches for the kind of services you offer.
  • Hosting – 100% free hosting of your websites. No worry about uploading stuff or choosing cloud services. On SITE123 everything is stored automatically and you have to do absolutely nothing.


  • Professional Templates – YES! When choosing yours, they are named by type of business. Choose your industry, enter your information and get yours customized by the system itself.
  • Free Themes – YES! Layouts can be further customized according to your brand or taste. A wide variety of colors is made available so users can give their websites the feel of their business.
  • Adaptive Design – YES! The only website builder in the industry that you can change the layout, colors and more as many times as you want and keep your site looking professional.
  • CSS Code Editing: NO. Get over that, you do not need to edit the CSS stylesheet of your website in order to have a decent looking one. SITE123 has experts on the matter and they have already taken care of this for you. Now, sit back and relax.

Customer Support

If we can give more than 5 stars they will get it! SITE123 offers 24/7 live chat support for different languages and also a help center. It’s incredible how they really go the extra mile when you need a hand with something, no matter what it is. Check it our here:

Pricing Policy

uncommon pricing. But in a good/smart sense. Usually, companies offer a free trial and then charge for the service. SITE123 does the opposite: they allow you to keep the free websites for as long as you want. You have absolutely no pressure to pay. Only if you need a few sophisticated features is that you will need to pay something. And still, it is very reasonable comparing to other providers in the industry.


No access to the source code, visible advertisements on the free plan, not designed to handle complex e-commerce needs. That’s pretty much all. Besides that, the only disadvantage that we see is that your website won’t come out of the genius lamp all ready to be published.

Comparison with Competitors

We all know that big brands like Wix or Squarespace are doing clamorous super bowl advertisements. To be honest, these companies’ platforms are fine. They didn’t do a bad job designing it. But if you are not a designer, it will be hard to achieve a good result. On top of that, they could save up on those expensive useless advertising if they really wanted to help users out. With SITE123 anyone can achieve great results and count with service support!


They claim to be the easiest website builder out there. And from as far as we can see, it really seems to be the easiest ever. Very user friendly, the platform takes your hand and walks over everything with you to make sure your website comes out great. There’s no hassle whatsoever. The days of worrying if it looks good and where to place each piece of content are over. Get your files together, write your copies and get online to throw it all into your website. Smooth as can be, making it the best website builder for 2017.

The next thing you know is your idea/company flourishes with an eye-catching website that ranks high on search engines and totally captivates visitors. What a killer!