Did you just start using browser notification marketing for your eLearning business? Well, congratulations on having unlocked a new marketing channel and all the best for taking care of it.

While setting up the system may not be a tough deal, the entire marketing process can be really challenging. And one of the major challenges that you may not r even know of in the beginning is of the right time of sending notifications.

The time of distribution plays a major role in making your content marketing campaigns successful on the web.

The reason is simple. Sharing your content with your prospects at the time when they are most prone to clicking through it will always produce better results. But, do we know about the right time of sending push notifications?

Well, we can find that out, and in this post, we’ll try doing that.

Why Does it Matter So Much?

Time of delivery has always mattered a great deal while distributing content.

Noting the time when they are most active. Noting the days when they respond the most. Noting the events when they don’t respond at all. All of these are important as this is the only knowledge that can tell you about the right time for distributing your content.

Similarly, if you have ever sent a push notification, you would know how your subscribers respond better at a certain time or day of the week than they do on other days and hours.

This o on other days or times. This is the key to distributing your content effectively and so it applies effectively while we talk push notifications as well.

What Are You Missing My Miss-timing?

While timing your push notification messages correctly can get your brand all the reaction that you want, miss-timed notifications can annoy your users causing them to unsubscribe.

Plus, the idea of sending push notifications on random times may also fail to reap the right results; ultimately defeating the purpose of this whole concept.

Also, note that creating personalized content for your browser push notification campaigns might be equally important..

So, Pay Attention and Time Right!

Follow the following steps to make sure your push notifications are timed correctly.

1. Check the Timezone

You would know whether your users are located in different parts of the globe.

Depending on this, you’ll be able to decide who to send notifications when.

For example, if one of your users is located in Australia and the other one is located in England, the best way is sending them notifications will be by keeping their time zones in mind and then rolling out your messages.

This will ensure that your messages don’t reach people when they are sleeping.

2. Day that You Send Notifications on Matters

Let us take it like this. You own an e-commerce website and want to announce a sale that’s on Friday. For this, you can’t actually send notifications after the sale is gone.

This is why choosing the right day for sending notifications is important.

For a rough idea regarding the best times for sending notifications on different days, have a look at the table below.

3. Event Check

Every marketing campaign and its results are largely affected by events, whether global, local or national.

So, it goes without saying that you must keep your push notifications posting calendar in sync with the yearly event calendar for best results.

Tip: For better results, you can incorporate push notification strategies into your software and system training programs to better educate your employees about this nascent marketing channel.

Final words

Push notification marketing is one of the most useful and hottest of the new marketing channels in 2019. However, the correct implementation may get one in sweat.

Easing out that pain, here we tried to talk about the right time for sending push notifications to your eLearning prospects. Hopefully, this was helpful.