Who needs sound, timely financial advice? Just about everyone.

While the financial blogosphere is competitive, the demand for second opinions and varying voices is incredibly important for audiences looking to figure out their finances. Likewise, there are a number of niches for financial bloggers to tap into that give us all the more reason to diversify our sites versus looking like another face in the crowd. For example, consider the various reasons people seek financial guidance in the first place:

  • Marriage or divorce, or other family issues such as taking care of an aging parent
  • Investments, including first-timers looking to play the stock market
  • Inheritance or legal settlements involving large sums of cash
  • Retirement, or the process of passing on one’s wealth

It’s plain to see why so many visitors flock to financial blogs on a daily basis; however, how we can be better ensure that we’re giving visitors what they want and stand apart from our competition?

Beyond picking a monetary niche for your site, such as retirement or inheritance, consider the three essentials just about any WordPress site needs to make sure you’re ticking the boxes when it comes to a well-rounded financial blog.

Sound Resources

Nobody wants to play around when it comes to finances or investments: our visitors want tried-and-tested advice versus speculation and guessing games. Therefore, ensure that any information you dish out on-site is crystal clear and rooted in research.

For example, your site should reference authoritative .gov or .edu sites whenever possible. When it comes to referencing other sites or blogs, stick to high-quality resources such as Forbes (for personal finance) or the classic Yahoo Finance (for the stock market).

Whether you’re creating content or simply citing sources, make sure that you rely on trusted names and brands rather than unknowns.

A Solid Theme

WordPress is known for its eye-popping imagery and themes; therefore, take advantage of a solid financial theme to help make your site look like a million bucks. While there are thousands of themes to choose from, consider options which emphasize:

  • Hero images to catch the eyes of first-time visitors
  • Professionalism, either through minimalist design or a clean-cut, easy to follow architecture
  • The essentials of your site, such as your blog or testimonials (in other words, don’t pick a theme that’s too bloated or has unnecessary bells and whistles)

Your design represents your visitors’ first impression of not only your website, but your brand as a whole. Ask yourself: what impression is your site leaving on first-time visitors?

Proper Plugins

Robust plugins set WordPress apart from competing content management systems. Based on your site’s design, consider taking advantage of financial plugins including stock tickers, forex tables and payment calculators. Such plugins can help your visitors stay on your site rather than bounce to another: simply make sure that your plugins don’t interrupt the flow of your blog’s layout.
Financial bloggers have tons of options when it comes to their niche and design; thankfully, WordPress provides the versatility to make sure that your site stands out. Regardless of the scope of your financial site, make sure to always keep your visitors’ experience in the forefront to keep them on the page and coming back for more.