Camping is fun and not only do you come back rejuvenated with lots of memories but it is also good for your mental and physical health. And while choosing your camping destination might be easy, it is equally important to choose the right camping gear along with it.

Can you guess what one of the most important camping accessories is? Most people don’t give much thought to the camping cot. But choosing the right camping cot can make all the difference.

Some questions that you need to ask yourself before you set out?

  • What material is the camping cot made of?
  • Is the camping cot good for a weak back?
  • Is the material lightweight?
  • Is it easy to set up?
  • What is the dimension of the cot?
  • What is the cost of the camping cot?

1. Material

Always check the material that the camping cot is made of. Typically, camping cots are made from aluminum and metal steel frame and these are the ones that are durable. In fact, camping cots made of metal steel frame have even tolerated severe bushfires with temperatures of more than 1000 degrees Celsius.

Metal steel frame provides structural integrity so that the cot stays straight and safe. The fabric quality is also important and the steel frame should be powder-coated. 

Ensure that the material is of superior strength and also breathable. You will need something that’s water resistant and easy to clean.

2. Weight of the camping cot

Lightweight cots are easier to handle especially if you are prone to travel more. Yet, you also need to check the weight bearing strength of the cot. Check online reviews before you make the purchase. Set up the cot at home before you travel and test its capacity by sitting or sleeping to see if it carries the weight well without sagging. Does the cot stay stable when you toss and turn?

An ideal camping cot must be able to support your weight without wobbling. But also check the cot’s weight when it is packed down. Preferably choose cots that weigh anywhere between 12-15lbs when packed down.

3. Pricing

Why pay more when you have plenty of reasonably priced camping cots available? Just like any other hobby or interest, camping gear can be very expensive. Your aim should be to find the best possible camping cot within your budget but not overlooking the other factors like durability, weight and material.

4. Portability

Is the camping cot easily portable? During camping, you tend to hike, climb and walk long distances. A large camping cot will hog up a lot of space in your vehicle and you need room for other camping gear.

Some of the more modern camping cots are much more portable and they can fold into compact, manageable carrying positions that leave much room for other stuff.

5. Ease of Assembly

You don’t want to spend precious camping time on assembling complicated gear. The easier the better. In fact, some modern camping cots require no assembly. Just unfold them and start using. Remember that you will also be spending time on assembling other gear like tent, stove, campfire etc. Does the cot come with a carry bag that you can use to carry it around? Does it have pockets? It is details such as these that help you pick the best camping cot.

6. Comfort

Does the cot have a good incline for a sleek headrest? Does it provide good support for a bad back? The whole point of getting a cot is to get that well-deserved, comfortable night’s sleep in the outdoors. Make sure you are comfortable. Ensure the cot has a great metal support system and thick cushioning. Insulated cots are also a good idea if you plan to camp in uncertain climate conditions.


Don’t rush into purchasing your camping cot. Invest your money wisely in a product that is strong, soft, and durable and worth the price you are paying for it.