Most marketers have ample resources for the development and execution of campaigns in the digital world. But, for a successful campaign it is necessary to put appropriate measures in place. Here are the top 10 best practices for running a successful digital marketing campaign.

1. Evaluate the current market practice and adopt a digital mindset

Digital marketing is totally different from offline marketing. Many marketers are not aware of the extent and type of changes necessary for a successful implementation. Making necessary changes in your mindset is necessary to adopt digital marketing comfortably.

2. Be Open

Be honest about the intent and purpose of your interactions with your customers. Many marketers lose control over the message they intend to send to their audience. Transparency and authenticity builds trust and generates opportunities

3. Develop your own strategies

Over 60% of social media programs don’t see success due to lack of strategy. Developing a digital marketing strategy that includes thorough assessment and clear objectives is of utmost importance.

4. Allocate resources

The initial step required for a successful digital marketing endeavour is to invest in the necessary resources. As with everything else, it’s best to make arrangements for the resources that give you the best chance to succeed. In case of digital marketing, this means taking care of the recruitment and financial flexibility. The fastest growing segment in the world of digital marketing is people aged 45-55. To cater to this big group it is also necessary to have the right software and automation tools in place.

5. Integrate the media

Seize the opportunity to reach customers via PCs, phones, tablets, etc. to deliver a unified message. Recognizing which channel is best for your target audience will give you the opportunity to communicate effectively with your potential customers.

6. Develop relationships

Apart from delivering instant messages to your customers, digital channels also offer an excellent opportunity to develop relationships. Once the prospects are identified, make sure that you understand their needs and demands.

7. Listen, research and adapt

According to a research, almost 50 percent of the people follow the recommendations made by their friends on social networks. So, it is necessary to take note of the view customers have about your brand or product. This allows you to optimize your efforts according to your customer’s needs.

8. Make use of social media marketing

Social media is definitely the biggest trend in the marketing world today. Most people have multiple social networking accounts that they check several times in a day. Remember that the internet is now a highway where information flows both ways. What this means for business owners is that consumers can provide valuable information and feedback to businesses, and many repeat customers can be found.

Social networking is not about advertising perse, but rather it is about creating a community or network that helps you connect to your customers more efficiently.

9. Make use of mobile marketing

One among the fastest and well noticed trends in marketing today is the use of smart phones. This has made it easy for businesses to take advantage of the digital marketing world. The research has showed that almost 20 percent of the traffic over web is coming from mobile. E-readers, iPads, tablets and smartphones have now found their way into homes of billions. These gadgets have become a more integrated part of lives of tech savvy users who are doing most of their business and social activities through them.

Mobile marketing may involve the use of text messaging, advertising via a web browser, e – mail marketing and location based marketing which is all formatted for mobile devices. Websites like are a great resource on subjects like mobile marketing. They also have a wealth of information to provide you with specific insight on almost any subject.

10. Evaluate the social return on investment

After all these strategies are implemented, it is time to consider the social return on investment. Determining the number of potential customers, making new contacts through social media and comparing this data with the amount spent on marketing will give you a good idea of the success you have achieved. It is interesting to note that only one third of the companies claim that they adequately realize their social return on investment.

Digital marketing gets you the opportunity to reach out to potential customers through what seems like an endless list of channels. While using all channels simultaneously may look easy, it will not generate positive results. Start with one or two channels and master them for maximum profitability. Follow these 10 best practices and achieve your digital marketing goals.