Shared hosting is a convenient, cost-effective way for businesses to expand their web presence with custom-designed web pages that serve as a company’s introduction to the world marketplace. With shared hosting, a professional hosting provider maintains the web sites of several businesses, keeping them all on a large server at their offices. Shared website hosting from iiNet offers businesses a number of advantages that can help visionary company leaders leverage their Internet presence into better business.


The most tangible benefit that shared web hosting delivers is access to some of the most powerful website creation and maintenance tools without requiring any significant degree of technical knowledge. A shared hosting provider like iiNet not only gives businesses the tools to create their own attractive full-featured websites with minimal time investment, but allows them to instantly make changes and updates to the content with easy-to-use control panels.

With shared hosting, your site is constantly monitored by trained IT professionals who can address issues immediately as they arise and even help prevent them before they pop up, providing an unmatched level of site stability and security. Shared web hosting services with a quality provider make the job of building and running a website as easy as possible, empowering the company’s leaders to concentrate on building and running their businesses.


Shared hosting can also deliver tremendous value to their clients, with  comprehensive hosting solutions starting at just a few dollars monthly. Users are charged only for the bandwidth that their site uses in a given month, and the vast majority of websites fall well within the bandwidth limits set by most providers, so the end result is that businesses only spend the promotional dollars that are actively helping them connect with the consumer by using shared web hosting.


The suite of tools offered to clients through the modern site creation tools available from the top web hosting companies allow businesses to design the perfect expression of the company’s brand and culture, offering total control over the look and feel of their web pages.

Users can even add interactive tools and content that increase engagement, keeping visitors on your website longer and encouraging them to return for more. Another potentially valuable element of branding offered by web hosting companies is custom email address extensions, which can lend a business working to establish itself the air of legitimacy that enduring companies tend to share.