Do you want to make an e-commerce store or website? If so, always talk to your web design company with caution.

Before you ask for anything, remember that the consequences will affect the future of your website and your brand. Making changes when everything has been completed can be expensive.

Briefs often go wrong because they don’t start right to begin with. Most businesses will ask the web design company to help them do what they want.

After completing the project, they become appalled that the website did not deliver what they want to achieve which is not surprising since they focused on the wrong thing.

Instead of thinking all about what the company needs, it’s crucial to look into what the customer should be able to do.

Your business goals matter, but your customer should be your priority. What your customers want should be the main influence on the project not what your business wants to have access to. With the end consumer in mind, you will be able to create a clearer roadmap which achieves your desired ROI.

Create a UX Project Checklist

A UX Project Checklist is one tool that can help you assess all the components your website needs to consider during a major redesign. By having this checklist, you can look into all the components of the website to increase the chances of its success. This also makes it easier for your collaboration with your web design company to be successful.

Put Your Customers First

Always put the needs of the consumers for a website redesign first because they drive growth to your business.

Which features are customers looking for on your website? Which things turn them off or prompt them to leave? How do your customers behave?

Focus on these things during the discussion with your web design company. One reason why the success rate is higher when you consider the needs of your customers is the fact that you can eliminate all the guesswork in the process.

You need proper research, structured data, and careful analysis to come up with answers. The result helps you come up with a website designed to deliver an experience that leaves a lasting mark on customers.

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Look Into Audience Personas 

It’s not enough to tell a web design company who the website is for during the briefing. You need to remind them all the time. If you have an existing website, it pays to look into the prior metrics to see how people navigate through it.

There could be a lot of data from your old website, including where you lose customers, or at which point you fail to convert leads. Onsite data can also help you determine user intent. All this information could help you figure out what the problem is although it’s not enough to answer why the issue exists in the first place.

Investigating the strengths and weaknesses of a project should always be part of the process. While at it, don’t neglect to consider your existing customers – you don’t want to alienate them.

Most website redesign projects focus on acquisition and not retention, which is a big fault in itself. Consider an A/B split test enhancements and having a landing page before incorporating everything into your new website.

Based on these insights, you can create a better picture of the kind of experience users need to have to stick to your website. The design brief will also hold more meaning and significance to your business.

Understand Customer Intent

What will help customers fulfill their needs as early and quickly as possible? How do you expect customers to interact with your website?

Some businesses fail to consider the doubts and fears of their customers and these things can kill conversions. Once you come up with possible answers, test prototypes, and wireframes based on the journey of your users.

Deciphering customer intent is crucial and you need all the tips that will help you to understand B2B customers better.

Being certain about each step in the process will increase the likelihood of our website’s success. Delivering the best possible experience should be your focus, and never lose sight of that fact.

It also pays to learn more about the company you are doing business with. Check out this guide on the things you most likely do not know about your web design company. 

How should your new website perform?

All these questions might seem to be too overwhelming for now, but you always have your web design company to help you through the process. Utilise the briefing to go through these concerns to create a plan that will help you grow your business and increase your customer base.