A nice texture always adds up an elegant or funky touch to the design of a website. Today in this article we are presenting list of 32 free abstract textures for our readers. These textures will help designers to create beautiful designs with abstract backgrounds.

Other useful freebies resources:

1. Cracks ‘N’ Peels : III by ArtofDecay-Stock

Cracks 'N' Peels III

2. Texture: Evanescence by Remidica-Stock

Texture Evanescence

3. Texture – Green Swirls Paper by Enchantedgal-Stock

Texture - Green Swirls Paper

4. Texture 16 by Sirius-sdz

Texture 16

5. Canvas Texture 03 by Nighty Stock

Canvas Texture 03

6. Put into The Wind By CKdailyplanet

Put into The Wind

7. Texture 53 by Ro-Stock

Texture 53

8. Texture 45 by Wandering Soul Stox

Texture 45

9. Texture by Tearfulcreations

Texture by Tearfulcreations

10. Curly Fav by SheisprettyStock

Curly Fav

11. Canvas Texture 04 by Nighty Stock

Canvas Texture 04

12. Texture Red,Blue,Coffee by Dom90nic

Texture Red,Blue,Coffee by Dom90nic

13. Webtreats Large Tileable Abstract Nebula Textures in Blue by Webtreats

Webtreats Large Tileable Abstract Nebula Textures in Blue

14. Texture by Melissa Maples

Texture by Melissa Maples

15. Shiny Icicles by Ro Stock

Shiny Icicles by Ro Stock

16. Texture 11 by MadamGrief-Stock

Texture 11

17. Textures 63 by Inthename-Stock

Textures 63

18. Phatpuppy Butterfly Txtr by Phatpuppy

Phatpuppy Butterfly Txtr

19. Texture by Yourbartender

Texture by Yourbartender

20. Light Texture by SunnyGirl33

Light Texture by SunnyGirl33

21. Beautiful Texture by Yourbartender

Beautiful Texture by Yourbartender

22. Strange Dream by DH-Textures

Strange Dream by DH-Textures

23. Texture2 by ipnotika

Texture2 by ipnotika

24. Send Texture by Yourbartender

Send Texture by Yourbartender

25. Background by xishan1

Background by xishan1

26. Water Texture by Yourbartender

Water Texture by Yourbartender

27. Texture 71: Gold by WanderingSoul-Stox

Texture 71 Gold by WanderingSoul-Stox

28. Golden Water Texture by Yourbartender

Golden Water Texture by Yourbartender

29. Flower-Texture by MidnightCraze

Flower-Texture by MidnightCraze

30. Wood Texture by Yourbartender

Wood Texture by Yourbartender

31. Texture Stock Asian Clouds by Enchantedgal-Stock

Texture Stock Asian Clouds by Enchantedgal-Stock

32. Torn Cardboard Texture by digitalcircus-stock

Torn Cardboard Texture

33. Texture Ocre R 025 by Boccacino

Texture Ocre R 025

34. Free Abstract Texture by Vega Chastain

Free Abstract Texture

35. Abstract texture3 by JenniStock

Abstract texture3 by JenniStock

36. Texture by Melissa Maples

Blue Texture

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