Trippy wallpapers are unique desktop backgrounds that create powerful optical illusions for your eyes. Best trippy wallpapers you’ll find online! You can download these trippy wallpapers and set them as backgrounds of you PC or laptop.

Today, I was searching wonderful wallpapers for desktop then during searching I have found a huge collection of trippy wallpapers. So I have decided that why not these colorful wallpapers to share with our readers. Therefore, I have compiled a list some of the best trippy wallpapers with you. Hope you will liked this collection.

1. Re-Align


2. Miscellaneous Digital Art

Miscellaneous Digital Art

3. Cool Trippy Wallpaper

Cool Trippy Wallpaper

4 . Peacesign – Trippy Wallpaper

Peacesign - Trippy Wallpaper

5. Trippy Reflection

Trippy Reflection

6. Floral Auras

Floral Auras

7. Push it

Push it

8. 5 + 4 (colorful 3D)

5 + 4 (colorful 3D)

9. Psychedelic Lion

Psychedelic Lion

10. Fireworks Wallpaper

Fireworks Wallpaper

11. Trippy Wallpaper

Trippy Wallpaper

12. Foie Well

Foie Well

13. Growing-Life


14. Self-Reflection


15. Far Out Bows in Purple

Far Out Bows in Purple

16. Trippy Flower

Trippy Flower

17. Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

18. Awesome Trippy Wallpaper

Awesome Trippy Wallpaper

19. Eclipsed


20. Mind Chaos

Mind Chaos

21. Compacta Swirl

Compacta Swirl

22. Trippy Galaxy

Trippy Galaxy

Adorn your desktop screen and zap your mind with these amazing trippy desktop backgrounds. Set any of these wallpapers on your screen and have fun!