If you think business cards are only a piece of paper then you are wrong. Business cards perform an important function in your business. Having your own unique designed and printed business cards is a great way for you get noticed. Edge painted business cards can catch the attention of your customers as they are generally printed on a thick paper. Edge painting, also referred to as edge coloring or color edging, is a great addition to really make your business card stand out.

Regardless of what sort of business you are in but if you possess a well designed and eye-catching business card. In this post I have collected excellent edge painted business cards for your inspiration. These kind of business cards are mostly thick. I hope that you will enjoy this amazing showcase. Don’t forget to share your comment in our comment section. You may be interested in the following posts: black business cards, folded business cards and photography business cards.

1. Letterpress Business Cards in Dense Black

Letterpress Business Cards in Dense Black

2. Breanna Rose Edge-Painted Business Cards

Breanna Rose Edge-Painted Business Cards

3. Sapphire Ring Co

Sapphire Ring Co

4. Burnthebook Letterpress Business Cards

Burnthebook Letterpress Business Cards

5. Edge Painted Letterpress Business Card

Edge Painted Letterpress Business Card

6. Die Continentale

Die Continentale

7. Letterpress Business Card for Photographer

Letterpress Business Card for Photographer

8. The Comeback

The Comeback

9. Javier Garcia

Javier Garcia

10. Blue Edge Painted Business Cards

Blue Edge Painted Business Cards

11. Experimental Business Card

Experimental Business Card

12. At Media

At Media

13. We Events Business Card With Painted Edge

We Events Business Card With Painted Edge

14. Teal Davison Identity

Teal Davison Identity

15. Steve Shine

Steve Shine

16. WHP Business Cards

WHP Business Cards

17. BrainUp Business Cards

BrainUp Business Cards

18. Nicolas Duprat

Nicolas Duprat

19. Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs

Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs

20. Firebelly Design Business Cards

Firebelly Design Business Cards

21. Zach Fuhr

Zach Fuhr

22. First 65 Letterpress Business Cards

First 65 Letterpress Business Cards

23. Clint Shuttlesworth

Clint Shuttlesworth

24. Boylston Trading Co

Boylston Trading Co

25. Almond Tree Business Cards and Branding

Almond Tree Business Cards and Branding

26. No Pool Productions

No Pool Productions

27. Colin Tierney

Colin Tierney

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